A Terrorist's pricelist

A lot of times, families of those soldiers who died while fighting for their beliefs, receive their compensation from funds connected to various terrorist organizations. The actual amounts vary from several thousand to unbelieveably high numbers. A specialized pricelist has been established for various terrorist services. This allows any potential suicide bomber to calculate his final paycheck for blowing up a tank, a cafй or someone’s house… 
Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was the only political leader to officially announce the fact that he will provide members of various terrorist organizations with a considerable financial compensation for suicide bombing acts against USA and Israel.
It is considered that one person is enough for a suicide bombing to be a success. However, several people are needed in order to create that two-legged human bomb in the first place. Usually, there is an entire bomb making team that specializes in mass bomb production. 
First of all, a special “recruiter” is needed in order to find those who will be happy to send themselves straight to heaven in the name of Allah. During the 90s, there were only two religious organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad that converted suicide bombers. They held their “recruiting sessions” in a mosque.
Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a person to sell his relative to execute Allah’s most sacred wish. Such cases mostly occur in Chechnya. One of the terrorists for instance, has sold both of his sisters to commit a suicide bombing on Dubrovka street in Chechnya. He got $1,500 for each one of them.
Today, anyone can become a suicide bomber, since recruiters expand their influence to schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and even restaurants.   
Once a recruiter’s job is done, an “intelligencer” begins his work. It is specifically up to him to explain the main purpose of a particular terrorist act as well as gather all the important information about it.   
Nothing is random in this process. A detailed plan is usually developed way in advance. According to such plan, everyone is aware of his precise duty. Engineers develop a bomb and its components, activists keep an eye on the overall order and compliance with requirements and, of course, one of the main places is proudly occupied by the organization’s financier.
Apparently, the most expensive component in such scheme is not the suicide bomber himself, but bomb’s components.
Oftentimes, suicide bombings are more effective than regular attacks. In this case, no additional plans/instructions need to be developed in order to save a terrorist. Therefore, the entire preparation procedure turns out to be not as costly and not as time-consuming. 
Terrorists prefer to use “Shakhid belts”. Their price hardly ever exceeds $100. Basically, this sum is enough to destroy lives of several dozen people.
Chechnya is known to be a bit pricy, but there is also a chance to get fake dollars. Sniper’s service appears to be one of the most expensive. He is paid $50 for every killed soldier. He is paid $200 for every officer. It costs $600 to blow up a tank.

Dmitry Minenko
Source: National Information Group

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov