Shepherd made the ambulance brigade hostages

The doctors stayed locked up for 1.5 hours with the bleeding girl attacked by the dog.

On Saturday ambulance received an urgent call: a 20-year-old girl living in a semi-detached house in Vtoraya Svetlanovskaya Street in Moscow, was badly bitten by the neighbors' dog having peaceful name "Kid".

The victim Ekaterina Nadtochi says that after 4 pm she went to feed her dog Zhulka. She took a pack of milk and came into her house's entrance-hall. All of a sudden, Kid attacked her.

Probably ill-tempered Kid broke the chain used for keeping him inside the neighbor's yard, and ran through the hole in the fence to the neighbor's yard. There it attacked the first person it ran into – Katya. The big dog pushed the girl to the ground and seized hold of her ear. Having heard Katya's call for help, her mother ran to the scene. The mother managed to drive the dog away and took her to the house. They called the ambulance on the cell phone. Doctors arrived, surprisingly did not encounter the dog, entered the house, treated the girl's wound and were about to take Katya to hospital to put stitches in her wound there. But when the doctors opened the door they saw angry Kid showing its teeth to them.

They were scared and closed the door a moment before the attacking dog could reach them. They were in a serious trouble. The dog did not seem to want to leave. The doctors knocked at the room’s wall to attract the attention of the neighbors' tenant caring about the dog, but in vain.

The doctors called a rescue brigade and specialists on dogs on the walkie-talkie set. However, as soon as the called specialists arrived and tried to take the dog with them, the tenant showed up. "Nobody can take Kid", he said. "I am responsible for it to its owner".

The doctors had to call the police, and finally the tenant was taken to the police station. Only after this the specialists on dogs could take the dog to a clinic. The doctors were able to take the girl to Moscow city hospital #1. Seven stitches were put in her wound  and the medicine for hydrophobia was injected in her shoulder-blade area because the temporary dog's owner did not have any papers to prove the pet was not sick. The girl's mother is going to sue the dog’s owner. Her daughter objects against the neighbors' continuing having the dog in their house.

Yulia Saltymakova
Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov