Internet: Shakhid's ultimate weapon of mass destruction

Islamic extremist organizations recruit  suicide bombers through the Internet. Two Internet sites "Al-Maasada Al-jihadia" and "Saraiya Al-jihad" have recently been liquidated for its obvious pro-war context as well as their slogans to become shakhids and die in a battle with unfaithful. 

"Death awaits everyone. The way one dies is of major importance. Are you ready to die like a martyr or would you rather prefer to die in bed?", states one of the slogans.  "If you die as a martyr, Allah will praise you," notes another bulletin.   
Existence of such slogans proves the fact that there are not enough "volunteers" eager to sacrifice themselves for Allah in those extremist organizations.
Islamic extremist sites in virtual reality were traced to Saudi Arabia. There have been four terrorist acts in the course of the last six months aimed at bombing living apartment complexes in Er-Riada. 43 were killed and 400 seriously wounded. The crime was committed by 11 suicide bombers, states RIA"Novosti".

Source: RIA "Novosti"

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov