Voice from another world: the threat of new terrorist attacks from the successor of Chechen militant

The leader of the Arab hired militants operating in Chechnya Abu al-Valid threatens to spread terrorist actions in other regions of Russia and attack Russian military objects located in "other Islamic republics in Russia". Katar TV channel Al-Jazeera received a copy of the tape with this al-Valid’s statement.
 According to Al-Jazeera, Abu al-Valid made this statement at the meeting of commanders of the Chechen militants organization before the beginning of the Moslem fast Ramadan. Abu-al-Valid confirmed that Chechens use women-martyrs for conducting terrorist attacks.
Russian authorities announced Saudi Arabia citizen Abu-al_Valid dead  minimum six times: in April and July of 2000, in September 2001, in May and June 2002. However, every time this information proved to be false. Last time he was announced dead several days ago, on November 18.
In Vedenski District Russian military special force unit killed a group of Chechen militants supposedly under the command of Arabic hire-ling Abu al-Valid. RIA Novosti news agency received this information on November 18 from the representative of the Regional Executive Staff on command of counter-terrorist operation in the Northern Caucasus Ilya Shabalkin. He said: "Local residents informed us that there was a group of 4 militants 5 kilometers away from village Neftyanka of Vedenski District. Abu al-Valid was believed to be among the militants". Local residents said they recognized the Arab among the militants.
Shabalkin said the decision was made to send a special force  unit to the area to blockade and kill the Chechen militants. "At about 6 pm of Moscow time our unit discovered the militants location, and then they were all killed by powerful fire-arms assault", - Shabalkin said. 
"During the examination of the fight scene the militants' fire-arms were taken, however no documents were found after the militants’ bodies search. Personal identification of the bodies is hardly possible because their bodies are badly damaged",- the Staff representative added. 
The Staff announced a 3 million ruble reward for the information of the location of Arabic terrorist Abu-al-Valid. The leaflets with the picture of Abu al-Valid made on the descriptions of eye-witnesses was disseminated among the population of Chechnya mountainous areas.
From the Russian special force file:
This man's real name is Abdel Aziz al-Gamidi, he calls himself "military commander for Chechnya". He is known as Jordanian Abu al-Valid and was the deputy of the Chechen militants leader – "Black Arab" Khattab. Abu al-Valid arrived in the Northern Caucasus in mid-90s and gradually became the leader of the Arab militants fighting in Chechnya.
Al-Valid was the militants' treasure – he received money from the sponsors in other countries and funded militants. In addition, he planned terrorist operations and set the price he paid militants for conducting diversions and terrorist acts. He was well aware of the Chechen militants money flows and therefore knew which sum of money his boss Khattab took away from him. Khattab used a part of the militants' funds for his own needs.
The argument between the two "Islamic fighters" was intensified by means of the Russian intelligence special operation. Khattab even threatened to kill his deputy, but the latter did not wait for being murdered and killed Khattab.
The Committee of the sheikhs of "Moslem Brothers" international terrorist network appointed al-Valid chief coordinator in charge of the diversion activity in Chechnya.
After becoming "military commander" of Chechnya, al-Valid reduced the amount of financial support for Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov and his aides. He set a condition for funding Maskhadov: the latter's obedience the orders of the foreign sponsors interested in continuing the war in Chechnya.
It took Maskhadov some time to give up, but being only a nominal figure, he is not of interest for the foreign sponsors of Chechen jihad. Finally the lack of "working capital" the pressing need of the chief commander for the militants units resulted in Maskhadov's agreeing with the terms of Khattab's successor. In May 2002 Abu al-Valid received additional authorities – "Moslem Brothers" appointed him coordinator of several "programs" on the Northern Caucasus and from that time he had the status similar the one "Black Arab" had before.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov