Where Laws Do Not Apply

A "Super-Freedom" club in Japan formed by students of the country's elite universities of the country has been shut down and its members arrested due the club's strange activity. Each of the student-rapists was sentenced to serve time in prison.
Among the arrested were students from Tokyo State University as well as those from Keito and Vaseda universities-the two best schools in the country. Few of the arrested students were from Gakushuin College, an extremely prestigious college for members of the Imperial family.

Disturbing information about the club's activity has first appeared in June of this year following the arrest of one of the students, a 29-year old Siniriro Vada an ex-student of Vaseda University. He was accused in organizing several parties where his fellow friends had raped young women.
13 more students-rapists were arrested in the course of the investigation. According to Tokyo's Police, there were approximately 40 students in that club. Apparently those were Vaseda students who started the whole "movement". They used the prestigious name of their university in order to attract women to participate in their drunken orgies.

Kaito, Vaseda and Gakushuin are all private institutions. Their students are often considered typical spoiled brats. Tokyo University, however, possesses a status of a state school and therefore resembles "the best qualities" of  Japanese young generation.  
Six students have already been tried by the Tokyo City Court. Defense provided an undeniable prove of the students' orgies and group rapes.
 According to The Times, Tokyo Police attempts to prove that all rapes have been committed purposely and each crime has been neatly planned.
 In April eight members of the group have raped a lady right next to a city's night club. According to police, the 18-year old victim was drugged at first and then viciously raped. It turns out that the rapists have always been using such tactic to get women to relax to an extent that they were unable to resist so that they could easily take advantage of her.

Students from other universities talk about the existence of such "extracurricular" activities on their campuses. They claim that orgies and drunken parties are considered to be a norm in some schools for the rich. Perhaps, those children of the Japanese elite assume that laws simply do not apply to them.
Source: "Inopress"


Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov