A Curious Robbery

It was raining, and Alena didn't have an umbrella with her. That was why she had to take a shortcut home and the shortcut was what it's supposed to be here: no streetlights, not even a road basically: rain turnt it all into dirt.
Few minutes after, she heard footsteps. Then someone grabbed her neck from the back… she thought it was a joke of some friend, but felt a sharp blade at her back. The voice said: "Quiet, don't shout!", and Alena's handbag was gone from the shoulder. She turnt around and saw the thief walking away slowly.

A sudden turn
What a normal girl would have done in this situation? Right, she would have run as quickly as possible or call the police. But Alena was not one of such. She suddenly felt great pity for the handbag: it was the father’s gift for her birthday, only two weeks ago. She counted it would have been unfair if such a new, beautiful and nice in all respects bag ends up in dirt somewhere. So she exclaimed exactingly: 
"Give my bag back!"
The thief was not prepared for this.
"Follow me", was all he could say. And she did.
Meanwhile, he took her wallet out of the bag. But whatever he tried to open the wallet, it didn't work. Alena observed this with wicked gladness. The moment he wanted to use the knife to open it, she decided to save the thing:
"Let me help"
The thief was amazed, but gave the wallet. Alena opened it, thinking "What am I doing? I'm being robbed!"

Running away…the thief!
When the robber saw only 5 griven in the wallet, he was very disappointed.
"Is that all you have?"
"And you think I bring millions on me? I am a librarian. Why have you decided to rob me at all?"
He looked at her and silently searched through the bag.
"Be careful, don't rip the bag! There's a cut on the side, one of your colleagues tried well, two days ago. Don't loose my eyeglasses and papers… And give back the wallet", spoke the robbed one.
"Are you crazy, exclaimed the thief"
"Yes", gladly agreed the girl, "just give it all back"
"No… you're really crazy", whispered the villain with a frightened eyes giving her things back.
Alena, having received her goods and carefully put it back to the bag, raised the head and screamed to the thief with a call: "Villain!!"

Later came understanding that it all could have ended much worse for her, and it's only then she cried.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov