Crime of a Muscovite Worthy of Guinness Records Book

Name of the man to be included into the list of record breakers as he is the only man in the world a trial on whom lasted for ten years and ended in double conviction
Igor Smykov from Moscow has fixed an unusual world record. His name is to be inserted into the Guinness Book of Records because the man has been convicted twice for the same crime. In 1993, Igor Smykov was sentenced to two years of imprisonment for bribe taking. The man served the whole of the sentence in prison and after that was considered not guilty from a juridical point of view. However, the legal proceedings were suddenly recommenced. Recently, Igor was convicted once again for the crime he had committed ten years ago.

In 1993, Igor Smykov, 26, worked as the chief inspector in the technical administrative inspectorate. Examination of licenses for outdoor trade was one of his responsibilities. On June 7, the inspector imposed a fine on a street tradesman and told him to register all necessary documents within a month. In beginning of July, the tradesman came to the inspector one again and offered a bribe. He put a roll of money, a considerable sum, into a pocket of the inspector's shirt. In a minute, police entered the office and detained the inspector.

Soon the Tverskoy court of Moscow sentenced the bribe-taker to two years of imprisonment. When the criminal was released, he decided to start his activity from the beginning. His life finally resumed its normal course. Igor Smykov managed to find a good job, his wife gave birth to another baby. But recently, the nightmare has repeated once again.

Igor Smykov was summoned for interrogation and learnt the investigation was recommenced because new details of the crime committed ten years ago had come to light. The poor guy could not believe that it happened to him, but soon had to stand a trial. The Tverskoy court of Moscow passed another sentence similar to that one passed ten years ago. The man was not put into prison as he had already served his term long ago. 

Igor Smykov was extremely surprised that the incident occurred to him and decided to send a letter to the editors to the popular Guinness Book of Records. The man from Moscow received a reply saying his name will be included into the list of record breakers as he is the only man in the world a trial on whom lasted for ten years and ended in double conviction. The incident is to be published in the Guinness Book of Records that is to come out at the beginning of the next year.  

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Author`s name Michael Simpson