Gusinsky Arrested by Mistake?

It is rumored in Moscow that Gusinsky shouldn't be afraid of any charges any longer
The first question that arises in this connection is when exactly Vladimir Gusinsy was arrested. He was detained either on Thursday or on Saturday. If it happened on Thursday, why wasn't the fact published immediately? If the Russian magnate was detained on Saturday, why some sources mention Thursday at all? Why no information is published about the exact terms and time of the detention? One more question is why Gusinsky was detained at all, on what basis? The widely spread explanation of the detention which wasn't officially confirmed yet on Saturday night is that the man was detained on the basis of a sanction issued by Interpol. However, this sounds rather unconvincing. The idea sounds strange because some time ago representatives of the international organization said the Russian businessman wasn't on the Interpol black list. The court of Spain already rejected extradition of Vladimir Gusinsky some time ago.

This is also not clear who asked Interpol to take measures and detain Gusinsky? On the one hand, it is perfectly obvious that the man was arrested by request of the RF Prosecutor's Office. But this means that some other inquiry, not the previous one has been issued. Some sources inform that such an inquiry has been actually sent but not to Interpol, to the Greek police. If it is so, the situation looks very strange indeed. 

In fact, much has happened since the times of a straight-out war against "the main criminal of all times" Vladimir Gusinsky. Now the ex-owner of the Russian television NTV is partially forgotten, even by the prosecutors who now focus on other personalities. This is actually very important that it turned out that the ex-owners of Gazprom turned out to be accomplices of Vladimir Gusinsky in every charge brought against him. The only difference is that Vladimir Gusinsky has already been held been detained, but other influential figures involved in the scandal haven't.

It is rumored in Moscow that Gusinsky shouldn't be afraid of any charges any longer and that he may appear in Moscow by December already, and it is not ruled out that the man will appear in a new role. Why does the Prosecutor's Office take up the past scandal? May it be connected with the forthcoming parliamentary elections? Is it right that Gusinsky's attorneys are right when they insist the whole of the scandal broke out because of a computer mistake?

However, it is not ruled out that the reason why Gusinsky was detained is connected with the slovenliness of the Russian Prosecutor's Office that forgot to recall its previous warrant issued with respect to Gusinsky and sent to Interpol. Sources in the military structures agree with the opinion.

If this suggestion is right, we should wait and see the reaction of the RF Prosecutor's Office (this is well known that it never admits its rather obvious mistakes). Will it try to reach some agreement with the Greek police or send some facts to the court of Greece to assure them not to extradite Gusinsky to Russia?

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova