Are Saddam's Sons Alive?

They may be equally dead or alive
The consequences of death of Saddam Hussein's sons give rise to several questions. If the questions remain unanswered, the death of the two important figures in Iraq looks unbelievable. It is not ruled out that the liquidation of the brothers was in fact a special operation launched to cover them up.

The question number one: what did the men do in one of the main Kurd cities while it is known that their father had poisoned thousands of Kurds? We may suppose they just picked out an unusual way of committing a suicide there. On the contrary, they merely decided to hide where nobody would guess to look for them. Otherwise, it is rather problematic to explain why they had a secret address in the enemy's camp. In fact, there was no conspiracy about the whole of the situation at all.

Question number two: why did Uday and Qusay decide to come out from under cover? It was reported that the sons of the Iraqi dictator, one man took his child with him, lived in a villa belonging to their relative. It looked rather strange under conditions that American and British special services were hunting them. If both men actually did so, it was hardly likely that they were sane at that time. However, if we assume the sons of Saddam were actually insane this fact actually casts a shadow on the coalition special services.

It is not ruled out either that Americans knew where Uday and Qusay stayed but didn't seize the men for some unknown reasons. At a convenient moment they just ensnared Saddam's sons, let's assume, by guaranteeing safety to them.

It is not ruled out that the men were arrested just accidentally, which is proved by the chronology of reports about the special operation from different news agencies. A report about "a fighting in Mosul" appeared first. Further details were reported to inform that the operation was meant to seize four top officials of the Saddam regime. Finally it was reported that Saddam's sons and even his grand-son were killed during the operation.
So, it turns out that the military were not aware of the targets they were firing upon. Americans didn't even mention how they managed to find the bigwigs, while even super secret services of Russia do report some details of special operations they conduct.
The question number three: why didn't special services take Uday and Qusay alive? This is the biggest mystery of the whole operation started for liquidation of Saddam's sons. We say liquidation as it seems that nobody planned to take the men alive. Otherwise Americans wouldn't have fired upon the building where the suspects stayed. The military were firing upon the building for four hours which meant that none of people staying there survived.
What is more, foreign mass media reported with reference to the US command in Iraq that Saddam's sons were killed almostimmediately as the firing started. Does it mean that within the rest four hours of the special operation it was Saddam's 14-year-old grandson who contained the US special forces? According to these mass media, it turns out that he wounded four Americans soldiers that were reported as suffered in the attack. It was unwise of Americans to tell about the deeds of the 14-year-old boy; now he may become a hero for the Iraqi opposition.

At the same time, it is rather strange and even absurd to make a decision to liquidate such valuable witnesses as Saddam's sons. Modern inquest methods would help Americans learn much information firsthand. For example, the sons could have provided information about the place where Saddam was hiding; about a storehouse of weapons of mass destruction. Americans would have learnt the numbers of secret bank accounts, the location of military bases and the armed groups that cause much damage to the coalition forces. After all, it would be useful for Washington to learn at least something about Iraq's international activity, the relations with other countries, Russia, China and North Korea within the period when the sanctions were still in force in Iraq. Uday and Qusay would have told a lot about the relations of Saddam Hussein with the Moslem world and with terrorist organizations. If the USA and Great Britain had this compromising information, they would have proved their absolute alibi and put an end to the scandals that break out from time to time in connection with the Iraqi operation. If the men were alive, they would have been actually very helpful for the USA and Great Britain. Their dead bodies, if these are actually bodies of Saddam's sons, are useless from the point of view of propaganda now.

It may be so that Americans feared that Uday and Qusay would tell a lot about the relations between Baghdad and Washington if they appeared before the special tribunal that is created for investigation of the crimes committed by the previous Iraqi regime. The USA feared the world might learn about the relations between the two countries during the Iran-Iraq war and why the Desert Storm didn't end in overthrowing of Saddam Hussein.

It is important that another version of the story may be suggested as well. People in command of the attack at the villa just needed some dead bodies to pass them for the dead bodies of Saddam's sons. If we take the above mentioned questions into consideration and add other oddities of the Iraqi campaign, we may suppose that the operation was meant not to capture or liquidate Saddam's sons but to cover them up.

Now when the two men are officially declared dead they may live their lives quietly. Although Americans say that the sons have joined the father in the next world, it is very likely that the three are still alive and will be living happily.

Nikita Petrov

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Author`s name Michael Simpson