Serial Killer Appears in Moscow

Six young women have already been found dead in the north-east of Moscow in July

Six young women have already been murdered in Moscow over the last two weeks. The latest crime was registered on the territory of the resting area near the Jamgarovsky pond in the north-east of Moscow. The body of a girl was found near the fence of the dog walk area.

The woman's identity is currently being established. She is about 35 years old. Police officers did not find any visible traces of violence on the body. This has been the sixth murder in the north-east of Moscow during the first half of July.

The previous crimes are similar: the victims are young girls. Investigators do not conceal that they have found traces of sexual violence on the bodies on all occasions. In addition to it, all six women have been choked. However, police officers do not hurry to announce the appearance of a serial killer in Moscow. Although, Interfax news agency has already called the criminal a "choker maniac."

The first murder took place on July 1st on the territory of the Botanic Garden. Passers-by accidentally found the body. Another body of an 18-year-old girl was found the next day in 2nd Vladimirsky Street on the territory of a kindergarten. The girl was raped and killed.

The third murder took place on July 4th in Yablochkov Street, near the railway track. A 23-year-old girl was choked with the strap of her own purse. Another victim of the maniac was found on July 8th, in the north-east of Moscow. Unlike previous victims, the 24-year-old woman was choked in her own apartment in Inzhenernaya Street.

On July 11th the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Moscow's North-East instituted criminal proceedings on the fact of another murder. A dead woman was found behind garages in Dubninskaya Street. The woman was about 25 years old, she had no ID with her, there were practically no clothes on her. The details of every murder have not been exposed for the secrecy of the investigation.

The Moscow Office of the Public Prosecutor does not have enough reasons to believe that all the six crimes in the north-east of Moscow have been committed by one and the same person. That was officially stated by a spokesman for the Office, Vesti.Ru wrote. The statement was released in connection with press publications about a choker maniac in Moscow: "Criminal proceedings have been instituted on the fact of five murders of women. Criminal peculiarities of the woman's body that was found on July 14th near the Jangarovsky pond have not been determined yet. The investigation of the crimes has been entrusted to experienced investigators of the Moscow Police Department. The version about a choker maniac is being investigated together with others," a spokesman said in a statement.

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Author`s name Olga Savka