Author`s name Margarita Kicherova

American Military Inflicts $100 Million Damage On Baghdad Airport

Officials claim that the plunder at the airport continues even now
Damage caused by the American troops to the international airport of Baghdad makes up several millions of dollars; buildings and airplanes of the airport were plundered. According to Time, servicemen of the 3rd infantry division started plundering and looting as soon as they seized the airport in April.

American officials, staffers of the Iraqi Airways company and workers of the airport say that American servicemen plundered a duty-free store; they fired the building of the airport without any visible reason and seriously damaged five Boeings.
Within the first weeks after the airport takeover American servicemen were stationed in the main terminal of the airport where they stole alcoholic drinks, perfumery, cigarettes and expensive watches from the duty-free store. What is more, they broke the glasses of the terminal and practically all the doors.
Airplanes suffered the greatest damage. A special check-up held by US officials in May revealed that only 5 airplanes of Iraqi Airways out of the total number of 10 remaining at the airport were in good repair. In search for comfortable arm chairs and souvenirs American servicemen tore out airplane equipment and broke the seats. Soldiers damaged airplane devices and stole glasses.
According to provisional estimates, damage caused by US servicemen to the airport of Baghdad may be about $100 million. Officials of the airport say that plundering of airport equipment continues even now. 

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