Criminal Charges Brought Against Werewolf Policemen

Russian EMERCOM general calmly reacted to the charges

Last Wednesday, the Russian Office of the Prosecutor General brought charges against Lieutenant-General Vladimir Ganeyev. The general was charged on the base of four paragraphs of the Russian Criminal Code: forming a criminal group, extortion, power abuse, illegal trafficking of precious stones. The general still does not plead guilty and rejects to testify, Interfax reports.

Boris Kuznetsov, one of the general's lawyers, said that criminal group charges were the most serious ones in the case of the "werewolf police general." Ganeyev might be imprisoned for the period of up to 20 years. Yet, the lawyer added, the document did not mention that the general had performed certain actions to administer the criminal group.

The lawyer also emphasized, Ganeyev had been charged with extortion, although there was no evidence to prove that "the general was receiving money from anyone." Another strange fact in the charges, as lawyers see it, is Ganeyev's alleged attempts to make claimants borrow money from other people. Vladimir Levin, another lawyer of the general, said, the defense had submitted a demur to the investigation department of the Office of the Prosecutor General. Lawyers say, Ganeyev represents Russian Armed Forces, so his case should be considered by the Office of the Military Prosecutor.

Vladimir Ganeyev was detained on June 23rd during the anti-corruption special operation. On June 25th, a Moscow court issued a warrant to arrest the general on the allegation of extortion - Ganeyev allegedly blackmailed $700,000 from businessmen.

In addition to it, criminal charges have been brought against Alexander Breschanov from the 5th department of the Moscow Criminal Investigation. Breschanov's lawyer said, his client's health was rather poor on account of a spine trauma. The lawyer also added, Breschanov left the hospital prior to his arrest.

As it became known, the Office of the Prosecutor General brought charges against deputy chief of the 7th department of the Moscow Criminal Investigation, Colonel Igor Ostrovsky. Ostrovsky's lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov said, the colonel had been charged on the base of seven paragraphs of the Criminal Code. Ostrovsky was particularly charged with participation in a criminal group formed by Ganeyev, criminal cases fabrication, power abuse, illegal arms and drugs possession, and extortion. Zherebenkov said, the investigation also charged the colonel of extorting a share at JSC Stargorod from businessman named only as Petrosyan. The lawyer added, Petrosyan had nothing to do with the mentioned company. Furthermore, the businessman has been called into criminal accounts on several occasions before.

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Author`s name Olga Savka