Teenagers Put Stone in Governor 's Plane's Engine

The children said they wanted to see if the plane was solid

Six teenagers put a stone in the engine of Governor Boris Govorin's plane. The children have been recently detained in the town of Kazachinsky, in the Irkutsk region of Siberia. The teenagers acknowledged that they had thrown stones into the governor's plane to test its solidity, and then decided to put a stone in its engine, the Federal Security Bureau department in the Irkutsk region said.

Irkutsk Regional Governor Govorin, spokespeople for the governor's administration, Alexander Rossov, the chairman of the regional Internal Ministry department, and other officials arrived in Kazachinsky on board the An-24 plane. They were supposed to spend a night in the town and then fly on to the town of Bodaybo.

However, it became known in the morning that some local residents had thrown stones into the plane, and damaged the cockpit. In addition, malefactors had removed the seal of one of the engines of the plane and put a stone inside. The incident happened late at night, when a police officer had left his post. 

A group of FSB agents arrived in Kazachinsky to investigate the incident. The governor's plane was examined for the purpose of finding a bomb, but an explosive device was not located. The Baikal TV channel reported that the police officer had already been fired. However, other news sources said that the officer had been temporarily dismissed from his position as regional police department chairman. The governor and delegation members boarded another An-24 plane and left for Bodaybo ten hours late.

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Author`s name Olga Savka