Will Iraqi Soldiers Wage Guerrilla Warfare in Iraq?

The Iraqi army does not exist anymore

PRAVDA.Ru reported several days ago that servicemen of the Iraqi army arranged a rally in the center of Baghdad, demanding their wages. Iraqi soldiers threatened that they would wage a guerrilla warfare, if they did not receive their pay. Officials of the US-led administration stated that wages would be paid to everyone, but soldiers. Moreover, the Iraqi army does not exist anymore. The American administration in Iraq issued a decree, pursuant to which the former Iraqi army would be abolished. A new army would be formed instead of the previous one.

It is not hard to guess, what kind of army it will be. Servicemen of Saddam's army will have an opportunity to join it too, if they were not lucky to obtain the rank of a colonel, of course. Senior Iraqi officers are not allowed in the new army. The reason why is not really clear, for the American command in the person of General Tommy Franks has recently acknowledged that the weak resistance of the Iraqi army was explained with a very simple thing: a lot of Saddam generals had been bribed. Why not "thanking" them once again in order to gain the loyalty of the new army command?

It would be interesting to find out, how the US-led administration is going to withdraw weapons from former Iraqi soldiers. One shall assume that there will be some money paid to everyone, who volunteers to give their weapons away. However, it is very hard to believe that all 400,000 Iraqi soldiers will queue as such volunteers. A part of them will probably come, but all the rest will decide to keep their weapons. Most likely, a guerrilla warfare will not occur in Iraq, although gangsterism will probably prosper. It deems that the American administration in Iraq is aware of that too, for they have already allowed Iraqi soldiers to keep certain kinds of weapons.

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Author`s name Olga Savka