Shamil Basayev Trains Female Suicide Bombers

A female suicide terrorist blew up a bomb in a crowd of people in Chechnya

Chechen woman Shakhidat Baimuradova, who committed an act of terrorism in the Chechen settlement of Iliskhan-Yurt yesterday, was a member of a group of female suicide bombers. A group of more than 30 women was trained to conduct acts of terrorism in Chechnya, the Interior Ministry of Chechnya announced.

"Baimuradova could be one of 36 suicide bombers that were trained by Chechen commander Shamil Basayev," chairwoman of the Chechen Interior Ministry press service Lilya Tsingiyeva told Interfax news agency. Baimuradova's implication in Basayev's armed group is considered to be one of the seven theories that investigators are working with.

Using women as suicide bombers in crowds is a new method that illegal armed groups use in their subversive activities. They call female suicide bombers "black widows." They are sisters, mothers or wives of Chechen men that have been killed in battles with federal troops.

On the threshold of the most massive religious holiday in the Gudermes region of Chechnya, Baimuradova pretended to be a journalist. She blew up a bomb in a crowd of people in the immediate proximity of head of the Chechen administration Akhmad Kadyrov. NTV reported that the bomb was hidden in a video camera. As a result of the act of terrorism, 26 people were killed, about 150 were wounded.

"Black widows" choose to die as a bomber in order to show the strength of the resistance. They can wear kamikaze bomb-belts, or drive a truck that is full of explosives. Separatists praise such actions. The hostage crisis in the Moscow theater took place in the same basic way: bombs were entrusted to "black widows" dressed like ninjas.

Chechen guerillas are inspired with the image of Khava Barayeva - she was the first to walk the way of martyrdom. Chechen rebels portray her as a hero, and they write poems and songs about her.

The leaders of the Chechen separatists also use the propaganda experience of other Islamic groups that have their websites on the Internet. A proclamation, which is most likely copied from a text that was written in the Middle East, became a very popular method to use among Chechens. The document runs in particular that it is a "sisters' duty" to help Mujahideen even on the battlefield.

Until recently, the leadership of the movement believed that the situation did not require women's participation in military actions. However, things changed on account of losses and the ideological influence of Islamic volunteers. Dozens of terrorists headed for Chechnya from Europe and Northern Africa, willing to help Chechen gunmen.

During military campaigns, female guerrillas used to render medical aid, basically. Chechen women were supposed to give food and water to their brothers; they also carried weapons and ammunition across the enemy's territory. Women played an important role in maintaining the guerrillas' morale during fierce battles. The leaders of the Chechen rebels think that women play a relevant role when they raise children. They are supposed to form their character, and make them strong so that they can become Mujahideen. Chechen rebels think that it is good to tell their children stories of martyrs. They teach children to save their hatred for Allah's enemies and unbelievers.

The Chechen sisters have a special mission. Until recently, Al-Qaeda used women for fulfilling tasks in the rear. Hamas, another Islamic group, refused to use female suicide bombers. Only non-religious groups like the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade used this practice in their activities, persuading a lot of women to wear bomber-belts.
–Incidentally, the practice first appeared when a girl blew herself up by mistake. However, the idea to use women was developed after the reaction that followed the accident.

A document that is meant for female terrorists proudly runs: "Women's courage is a disgrace to a lot of modern ‘men.’"

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Author`s name Olga Savka