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Russian Supreme Court Reduces Alleged Chechen Terrorist's Term of Imprisonment

The Supreme Court of Russia partially acquits an alleged Chechen terrorist
The Supreme Court of Russia has reduced the term of imprisonment of ex-chief of staff of Chechen militants Said Magomed Chupalayev, aka Titanik, to 7 years.

Chupalayev was acquitted on the charges he had earlier been found guilty of, organizing an armed rebellion or active participation in it with a goal of overthrowing or changing by force the constitutional system or violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, RIA Novosti learned at the Prosecutor's Office of the Stavropol territory, the North Caucasus, on Wednesday.

The Supreme Court's representative confirmed to an RIA Novosti correspondent that Chupalayev had been acquitted on these charges as he "was not involved in committing this crime.”

In November 2002, the associate of Aslan Maskhadov and Shamil Basayev was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment by the Stavropol territorial court.

The Supreme Court excluded the charges of an armed rebellion from the indictment, but left in force the charges of participation in illegal armed formations and illegal arms bearing, the Prosecutor's Office reported.

However, if the authorities announce an amnesty in Chechnya soon, Chupalayev will be released, his lawyer Larisa Dagayeva said in an interview with RIA Novosti.
During the first Chechen war, 1994-1996, Chupalayev led a sabotage-reconnaissance battalion.

In January 1995, he was wounded in the arm, left the country and via Azerbaijan reached Turkey, where he underwent treatment at an Istanbul hospital.

In August 1996, he was the militants' chief of staff and led a Jihad operation that resulted in the seizure of Grozny. Also in 1996, Chupalayev took part in the negotiations with the federal authorities held in Moscow and Khasavyurt, Dagestan.

In the photo: Said Magomed Chupalayev

RIA Novosti

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