Iran Declares Jihad Against USA

Iran hopes for Europe to struggle with the American occupation

Iran does not want to stay aside from the events that take place in the Middle East and in the Persian Gulf region. After the consolidation of the American domination in Iraq, the Iranian regime is afraid of going through Saddam Hussein's experience. Tehran does not sympathize with the former Iraqi leader, Iran is probably happy with his disgraceful defeat. However, the Iranian government is concerned about the fact that the American army is right there on its borders. It is not ruled out that the army might use its force against Iran.

Of course, such a situation is not likely to happen in the nearest future. The American administration tries not to do anything against "unfriendly" countries (from the American point of view). Yet, Americans will get more opportunities to destabilize the political situation in Iran, after they get more or less settled in Iraq. The work has already been started in this direction. The American command in Iraq and spokespeople for the organization People's Mujahideen (an opposition group for the incumbent Iranian regime)  have recently agreed upon the cease-fire agreement. This happened just several hours after the Iranian government asked the USA to deliver mujahideens to Iran.

Apparently, Tehran is being very nervous at the moment. Thee is no other explanation for strange statements that Iranian officials release. For example, the director of the public relations department of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, General Massud Jazairi urged to forget all discrepancies with potential allies in the war against the United States. The general said that Europe was one of the most important allies, although he did not specify any country in particular. In addition to that, Jazairi stated that the United Nations Organizations proved to be totally inefficient.

It goes without saying that relations between European countries and Iran are a lot better in comparison with the ones between Iran and the USA. The point of the discrepancy is the fact that Washington hopes to see the collapse of the clerical regime, which can be allegedly swept away with people's anger. Europeans stand up for evolutionary changes in Iran - the support of reforms, participation in various international organizations and agreements, and so on.

This is a simplified layout, of course, it is incapable of showing the entire complication of the process, which currently happens both in Iran and around it. Nevertheless, it is really surprising to hear an Iranian general saying that Europe might help Iran in the contradiction with the USA. To crown it all, the general represents the organization, which can not be called a basis for Iranian reformers. As a matter of fact, the war in Iraq might push Iran away both from the USA and from Europe. It is premature to talk about the consequences of influence on the country's political life. Yet, there is a chance that clericals in Iran will strengthen their positions and press reformers with the help of anti-American (and anti-Western) sentiments in the society.

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Author`s name Olga Savka