Russian Mobster Shot Dead in South Korea

A security camera taped the murder
The nerves of the Russian people will be put through another test soon: Russian military departments are to expose the names of those who ordered and who executed several assassinations in recent years. Corruption scandals in various departments, such as the State Committee for Fishing, the State Customs Committee and the Nature Ministry may also happen.

Nikolay Patrushev, the director of the Russian Federal Security Bureau (FSB), Vladimir Ustinov, the prosecutor general, and Vladimir Vasilyev, the deputy home minister, were invited to participate in a plenary session of the State Duma that is to take place on April 23. The speeches of these officials will be devoted to the recent assassination of Deputy Sergey Yushenkov.

Prosecutor Vladimir Ustinov will be the first to deliver his speech, then Nikolay Patrushev and Vladimir Vasilyev will finish. Afterward, every deputy association will ask questions pertaining to the process of the investigation. It is assumed that the aforementioned officials will discuss the assassinations of other deputies, including the recent assassination of the Magadan regional governor, among others.

Boris Gryzlov, the interior minister, has been rather active recently from the point of view of his official functions. He has been to St. Petersburg, awarded one person, criticized another and dismissed yet another. At the present moment, the minister is in the Russian Primorye region (in the Far East) to update the work of the local Interior Ministry department. A sensation occurred during the trip.

Gryzlov stated that the assassination of Border Guards Gen. Vitaly Gamov was ordered by a leader of a local Sakhalin criminal group - Vasily Naumov, also known as Yakut. Fifty-four-year-old Naumov and his accomplice were shot on April 17 in the South Korean port of Pusan.

The Seoul Herald newspaper provided the following description of the events:
A Russian citizen was shot dead and another was seriously wounded on April 17 at about 8 p.m. in one of apartment buildings in the center of Pusan. The accident happened inside the building and was videotaped by security cameras. An unknown man shot his gun 10 times in the direction of the two Russian men. One of them was 54-year-old Vasily Naumov: He died immediately as a result of several wounds to the head. The other man, Nikolay Gvozda, 39 years old, was hospitalized with three gunshot wounds in the stomach.

The assassin entered the building after the two Russian men: At first, he fired his gun at Naumov, then took out another and fired it at Gvozda. Then, the assassin dropped his weapons and ran out of the building.

The man was wearing a hat and a mask, so the tape does not give any opportunity to see if he was Russian or Korean. Both of the guns were outfitted with silencers. The police have identified one of them as a Baikal gun of Russian manufacture; the other was a handmade weapon.

Police officers have only identified the victims and that they resided in the building in which they were attacked. However, the reasons for the event are not yet known. According to the latest information, Vasily Naumov had a fake Slovenian ID, in which his name was given as Vasil Karas. He used that passport to enter South Korea on March 13 of this year.

The South Korean police are working with a hypothesis on the version that links the event with activities of the Russian Mafia. It is not ruled out that a local, Korean Mafia might have been involved also.

For the time being, the Korean police have more questions than answers. However, Gryzlov does have certain answers, and there is no one else to ask: Vasily Naumov was a mobster and he was involved in the fishing business - which implies that he was the man who was guilty of killing Gen. Gamov.

In the photo: Boris Gryzlov

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Author`s name Olga Savka