Did Iraqi Intelligence Cooperate with Aliens?

The world press reveals more sensations news, which does not seem to be true

After the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime, the press of "liberating countries" published a lot of "revealing" articles about contacts between Iraqi and Russian intelligence services. For some reason, British newspapers try really hard in order to unmask the malefactors. British journalists manage to obtain various documents, which unveil activities of intelligence services of those countries, which did not support the war in Iraq. The British press manages to get such documents on a regular basis. Now they found the evidence to prove that Iraq collaborated with the German intelligence too.

The Sunday Telegraph published a sensational article on this subject, in addition to its publication last week, in which it was said that Russian intelligence officers spied for Iraq. This time, the British newspaper obtained documents, which testified to negotiations between some German agent named as Johannes William Hoffner and Iraqi General General Taher Jalil Haboosh. On January 29th 2002, General Haboosh stated, the newspaper said, that Iraqi authorities were interested in setting up relations with German intelligence "under diplomatic cover." The general added that it could be done through Hoffner. The article then said that the German agent gave the following answer: "My organization wants to develop its relationship with your organization." In return to Berlin's help in the prevention of the American incursion, the Iraqi government promised to provide lucrative contracts to German companies.

On April 19th, 2003 a spokesman for the German government said that it was "well known" that Baghdad had offered good contracts to Berlin as an evaluation of Germany's anti-war stance.

In general, one may say that they have found a very comfortable way to discredit those countries, which stand against the war in Iraq. Therefore, one should not get surprised, if it soon becomes known that the French intelligence, for instance, cooperated with Iraq as well. It goes without saying that documents about it would be absolutely genuine - "from the headquarters of the Iraqi intelligence in Baghdad." One shall assume that this headquarters is giant, for it has been providing a lot of sensational news for two weeks already, and its archives are still full. What other mysteries will be unveiled soon? A couple of nukes, maybe, or a dozen of Scud missiles with chemical filling? Let's just hope that the Sunday Telegraph won’t leave us ignorant about it.

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Author`s name Olga Savka