None of Baghdad's Hospitals Work in Normal Regime

On Tuesday, none of Baghdad's hospitals is working in a normal regime.

In the hospitals there are increasingly fewer doctors ready to provide professional medical assistance, the Moscow delegation of the International Red Cross Committee has told RIA Novosti. There is lack of medical tools, electric generators and life supporting equipment.

Red Cross members working in Baghdad have visited the city's major hospitals. The results are disappointing.

The El Yarmuk hospital designed for 1200 beds was closed after a marauding attack. Its medical staff provided only emergency medical aid. According to the Red Cross members, "the medical staff's courage helped keep half of the important medical equipment, while marauders were carrying away furniture." However, the hospital will resume its work only after minimal security guarantees are provided, the Red Cross delegation stressed.

The hospital's second floor was completely destroyed by bombings. Two out of the three spare generators were also damaged. The reception and emergency departments are in a very poor state, fuel and water reserves have been stolen by marauders.

Civilians defended the 500-bed El Karama hospital from marauders. Ambulance cars have been stolen. Many patients cannot get to the hospital due to the dangerous situation. The hospital's staff has managed to keep the equipment of the El Karh hospital which has also been attacked by marauders. As soon as El Karh resumes its work, the equipment will be returned.

Vitally important water purifying installations were destroyed in the Medical City centre. The International Red Cross Committee turned to the US administration asking to send troops for the complex's immediate protection to save it from complete destruction.

Medical staff of Baghdad's main pediatric hospital, Elvia, meant for 125 patients is resisting a marauding attack with guns in their hands. The wards are closed, treatment of hospital patients is interrupted, but doctors receive about 100 patients a day. "The staff is courageously defending the hospital, but doctors need help and protection as well as additional personnel," the Red Cross stressed.

The Ibn Nafis hospital is one of the few operating hospitals in Baghdad. Surgeons from other hospitals robbed by marauders joined their colleagues. A total of 50 operations have been performed in the past three days. Since Friday, the US troops have been constantly defending the hospital, which is now the main centre receiving patients.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin