Moscow Expects Anti-Iraqi Coalition Forces to Ensure Security of Russian Embassy

Moscow expects the anti-Iraqi coalition forces to ensure security of the Russian embassy in Baghdad, Alexander Yakovenko, the official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, told journalists.

"Moscow believes the occupation forces, responsible for maintaining order and humanitarian aspects of the developments in Iraq in accordance with the international law, had to ensure security of diplomatic missions," the diplomat stressed. According to him, Moscow has already "addressed the US side on this issue and received relevant assurances at the high level." Yakovenko indicated that the Russian embassy in Baghdad was functioning normally. "At the same time its security was a matter of concern for Moscow," he stressed. "Today we witnessed attacks on diplomatic missions of different countries." Earlier Alexander Yakovenko refuted certain mass media reports of alleged ransacking of the Russian embassy in Iraq by marauders.

Author`s name Petr Ernilin