Iraqi Opposition Leader: US, British Troops Bring Total Anarchy to Iraq

According to Iraqi opposition leader Isam Abu Hilalah, the US and British troops have brought total anarchy to Iraq. In his interview to Jordanian "Ad-dustur" newspaper he stated that Iraq is presently experiencing a wave of "wild anarchy" brought into the country by occupation forces in order to bring the country back to a "zero countdown point" and to stir up inter-confessional and inter-ethnical dissension.

According to the Iraqi politician, the US and British forces cover up their murders in the country by talks about total capitulation.

While talking about the fate of Saddam Hussein, Isam Abu Hilalah stated that the coalition managed to eliminate the Iraqi leadership during last Monday bombardments of the Al-Mansur district of Baghdad.

The opposition leader appealed to the Iraqi people to stop plundering and vandalism and also to make every effort to strengthen national unity and "drive occupants out."

Author`s name Petr Ernilin