Iraq May Attack Israel - 25 March, 2003

At least two Iraqi rockets with a range of over 150 kilometres have been found in the west of Iraq. According to military experts believe these rockets could be 'destined' for Israel. It is still unclear why Iraq did not attack Israel immediately after the outbreak of the war. It seems possible that Iraq will try to attack Israel when coalition forces invade Baghdad.

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said on Monday March 24 that the coalition forces had not yet managed to locate the rocket launchers in the west of Iraq. However, he warned Israeli citizens to be ready for an Iraqi attack.

On the first day of the war, March 21, Anglo-American forces captured aerodromes N-2 and N-3 in the west of Iraq. Aerodrome N-3 was heavily bombed in September 2002 and a substantial part of the runway was destroyed. Nevertheless, coalition leaders say they still have not established full control over the Syrian desert (the west of Iraq).

According to military experts, the coalition currently controls no more than 5% of the territory in western Iraq, from where rockets could conceivably be fired at Israel. Search operations are continuing. There is no intensive fighting in this area.