Suicide Bombers Get Ready for War with USA and Great Britain

Thousands of suicidal bombers are ready to fight American military men in Iraq

The administration of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which is responsible for a lot of attacks on the territory of Israel, called upon Saddam Hussein to use Shahids in the war with the United States. Hamas terrorists recommended the Iraqi leader to prepare thousands of suicidal terrorists. One of Hamas leaders, Abdel Aziz Rantisi, personally urged the Iraqi leadership to enable all Islamic volunteers that are ready to sacrifice themselves during the war with American and British military men.

The reason of this statement from Hamas is not really clear yet. The statement particularly runs: "We call on the Arabs and Muslims to burn the land under the feet of the American invaders, especially our brothers in Saudi Arabia because this war is not against Iraq, it's against the Islamic nation."  Hamas has been arranging acts of terrorism only on the territory of the conflict between Palestine and Israel. The majority of 92 suicide bombers, who killed themselves in Israel during two years of the intifada, were trained by Hamas group. Neither Hamas, nor Jihad experience a lack of suicide terrorists. The wave of the last intifada unveiled certain peculiarities of the up-to-date social  institution of Shahids.

Not all suicide bombers are rewarded with the money, which is then given to their family or relatives. Saddam Hussein promised the reward of 25 thousand dollars to each Shahid, while Hamas – about a quarter of that. Paradise after death is still the major incentive for Shahids. Another innovation of the latest period is the social structure of suicidal bombers. Three of them had families. One of them was 46 years of age. He was the father of three sons. The other one, 48 years old, had two wives. This has never happened during the first intifada period, when martyrs basically consisted of the unemployed. Hamas and Jihad do not permit women to take part in the war. Yet, Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade exercised their readiness to enable any Palestinian citizen, when they made suicide bombers of Wafa Idris, a hospital nurse, and Darin Abu Aishen, a female student. The same organization suggested new possibilities and new attack schemes to their suicide terrorists: sacrificial actions or no-return. The point of this scheme is as follows: a terrorist penetrates into an Israeli residential area and opens fire on passers-by, until a terrorist is neutralized. Pursuant to the information from the police, there have been 15 attacks like that conducted. The list of suicidal bombers counts the minimum of 129 attacks since 1993. Different periods have different motives. However, their goal is all the same: to make people panic, to make them give in.

Elena Kiseleva

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka