NATO and Kyiv prepare 'second front' for September, but everything will collapse much earlier

US puppets in Europe nervous as Ukraine may collapse by September

The Ukrainian army will be able to hold out until the beginning of autumn at most. Most likely, though, everything will collapse in June-July, observers believe.

France Presse wrote that Zelensky's office repeatedly used Western weapons to strike the Russian Federation. For the last time, Kyiv struck targets in the Krasnodar Territory (Southern Russia). The US has gauthorised Kyiv to use US-made weapons to strike deep into Russia too.

Is further escalation with the West coming?

"The real strategy of the West is logical and consistent. They understand it in the West very well that they will have to switch to strategic defense, because there are not enough troops and losses have been growing catastrophically. The Ukrainian army lacks weapons and military equipment. Therefore, they want the Armed Forces of Ukraine to hold out, and this is only possible by switching to strategic defense. In other words, they want Ukrainian to maintain relative stability at least for several months,” Director of the Center for Military-Political Studies of MGIMO Alexey Podberezkin told publication.

Such a defensive strategy requires approximately 3-5 times less resources in an active offensive. Of course, it does not exclude the "counter-offensive,” but it is only possible as individual sporadic attacks. Kyiv cannot take any serious action. It needs to survive until September, or better yet, until the end of the year.

The front may collapse in the coming weeks. Today, the Ukrainian army loses up to 2,000 people per day, and this number is even larger taking into account deserters and medical losses. It turns out that Kyiv loses one brigade every day. It doesn't have that many brigades, Kyiv's reserves are exhausted.

The West wants to wage bloody war in white gloves

Secondly, the West decided to supply extended range high-precision weapons to compensate for the defensive strategy. The West fears that Moscow will perceive this as direct participation in the conflict. Western states want to stay away from the conflict. It is in the interests of the West for Ukrainians to die.

Thirdly, the West needs to intensify terrorist attacks in Russia, and they work to implement the strategy. The West wants to wear "white gloves” while shedding rivers of blood.

Kyiv's partners can technically enhance the Ukrainian army, carry out total mobilization and train fighters. If the Kyiv regime holds out until September, the second reserve will then be ready by that time.

For the time being, Ukraine is using all of its reserves, including strategic ones from Bakhmut and Kharkiv directions — the hottest fronts.

As for the statements that one can now hear from NATO Secretary General and other US puppets, they need to resort to such rhetoric to hold back the Russian advance.

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Author`s name Dmitry Plotnikov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov