Ukraine loses 'invincible' US Abrams tanks one after another

Ukraine causes huge damage to US by losing 'invincible' Abrams tanks

The critical moment in the special military operation has arrived. Ukraine has brought American "invincible” Abrams tanks into battle near the village of Berdychi in Avdiivka area.

Three Abrams tanks out in one week

The Russian Armed Forces have obliterated a third Abrams tank on the battlefield. This happened west of Avdiivka near the village of Berdychi.

Social networks reported this on March 3. A grenade launcher shot at its chassis, a T-72 and a Ghoul drone left it no chance. A tracked mine clearing vehicle based on the Abrams chassis was also destroyed.

The first two Abrams tanks were destroyed in the last week of February.

When the Americans discussed the transfer of Abrams tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they indicated that the tanks should be used only as a last resort. US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin made this announcement on November 20 in Kyiv where he arrived on the occasion of the delivery of 31 American M1A1 Abrams tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

One may assume that the Pentagon did not want to see its tanks burning in Ukraine as it would ruin the myth of invincibility of the US military industry, demonstrate the strength and technological advantage of the Russian Armed Forces and cause damage to the Abrams manufacturer.

And so it happened. Chrysler Defense, the tank manufacturer, has been losing its stock value for several days in a row. Russia may now also use the destroyed Abrams tanks for technical analysis, which also poses a potential threat to US military security.

The introduction of Abrams tanks into battle as part of the 47th Mechanised Infantry Brigade Magura suggests that the critical moment for Ukraine has come near the village of Berdychi, but not near Kyiv. This is a bad sign for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their most trained fighters as they will soon be annihilated.

Abrams is not the most reliable tank in the world

The Russian Armed Forces did not attach much military importance to the transfer of American and German tanks to Ukraine.

The M1 Abrams tank, being the main combat vehicle of the US Army, is considered to be one of the most advanced tanks in the world. However, it failed to live up to expectations on the Ukrainian battlefield. The heavy 57-ton heavy-duty tank is not suitable for winter use. Its rubber track covers reduce noise, but they slip on snowy and icy roads causing the tank to lose power when driving over hilly terrain in icy conditions.

In addition, the AGT-1500 gas turbine unit of this tank runs on aviation kerosene and has a high fuel consumption rate, which is a critical factor for use in conditions of logistics and kerosene shortages.

Armed Forces of Ukraine will no longer have Abrams

As of 2022, the Americans had about 650 M1A1 Abrams tanks, which they plan to retire within two years as the General Dynamics tank plant produces new M1A2 Abrams tanks. Will any of them be delivered to Ukraine? This remains a question. Republicans in the lower house of US Congress opposed new military aid to Ukraine. No money has been allocated for the preparation of tanks and logistics, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no results that could win US tanks for them.

In addition, shipping tanks takes a very long time. It took almost ten months to deliver just one batch of tanks to Ukraine. 222 tanks were delivered to Morocco over the course of four years.

Russia has thousands of tanks in service, and a few dozens of Western tanks are nothing but a drop in the bucket for Russia. Politically, however, Russia has an opportunity to accuse the United States of being drawn into the conflict directly.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov