Washington decided that Hamas should give it a try

US has secret channel of communication with Hamas. This explains a lot

When Israel put US strategic positions in the resource-rich Middle East in jeopardy, Washington said: "Let Hamas try.”

Qatar exposes secret US-Hamas communication channel

US lawmakers called on Qatar to close Hamas office in Doha and reconsider its ties to the "terrorist group" as the US considers it to be.

However, Qatari officials immediately said that Doha neither sponsored nor financed Hamas. They agreed to host the Hamas political office after the United States requested to open a channel of communication with the group. This happened more than ten years ago, The Financial Times said.

A Qatari official told the newspaper that Washington first asked Doha to open "indirect channels" in 2006, after Hamas won elections in Gaza. Russian sources indicate that Israel initially viewed Hamas as a competitor to Yasser Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization (Fatah).

Interestingly, France, Italy and the Netherlands signed long-term agreements with Qatar for the supplies of liquefied natural gas after the Hamas attack on Israeli settlements on October 7. This suggests that they did not take accusations against Qatar seriously.

If there are connections with Hamas, does it mean that the United States was standing behind the October 7 attacks?

Israel has been preventing the United States from improving relations with the Arab world and Iran for many years. This has become a critical factor in America's survival in recent years against the backdrop of:

  • China's penetration into the Middle East with the yuan instead of the petrodollar,
  • China's success in reconciling Iran and Saudi Arabia, and its desire to reconcile Israel with Saudi Arabia,
  • growing positions of Russia and Iran in Syria, Iraq, and throughout the Middle East.

Washington no longer cares about Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The Americans lifted sanctions from Caracas to be able to buy Venezuelan oil again. Now US President Joe Biden urgently needs to forgive Iran for its nuclear program in order to buy oil from Tehran, rather than from Russia.

Israel's aversion of their Palestinian neighbour (and of the Arabs in general) has become an obstacle that Washington needs to overcome to be able to stay close to the resource-rich and geostrategically important Middle East. In addition, ensuring Israel's security cost the United States a tidy sum of $4 billion a year.

The Hamas operation was planned through Qatar

The USA wanted to whip Israel into line. The Americans decided that Hamas should try.

This may explain why Israel missed the Hamas attack on the border that was guarded by world's best intelligence services. Strange references to the inability to control key Hamas communication channels, beliefs in Hamas's "sincere intentions" not to attack may only suggest the following: those communication channels were spreading disinformation, whereas the entire operation was planned via a secret communication channel through Qatar.

Israelis already stage protests against Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Americans may thus get rid of him and then stop the ground operation in Gaza. Washington may then get Europe involved to deal with all the aftermath of the mess — influx of refugees, terrorist attacks and more. The Americans, quite predictably, will act as peacekeepers, force Israel to go back to UN-approved borders and let Palestine establish its own state with its capital in Jerusalem. Biden spoke about it as a long-term goal.

If Israel starts acting up, Washington may want to do away with the Israeli issue that has long been a thorn in the side of the world.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov