PMC Wagner stays in Bakhmut

Putin clears up situation with PMC Wagner

Putin had to intervene to clear up the situation with private military company in Bakhmut.

PMC founder and leader Yevgeny Prigozhin who earlier insisted on the need for his fighters to leave their positions to "lick their wounds," published a new statement on Sunday morning, stating that the "higher command" of the PMC was given a green light to conduct combat operations in Bakhmut (the Russian name of the city of Artemovsk) — PMC Wagner fighters can act as they see fit.

The fighters will get all the requested weapons and ammunition for the purpose.

In addition, it is Army General, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces General Sergei Surovikin who is going to conduct military coordination between PMC Wagner and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Prigozhin previously referred to him as the co-author of the "Bakhmut Meat Grinder" plan.

Alexander Syrsky, the Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, said on Sunday that the Russian garrison in the city has increased the intensity of shelling, started using more advanced arms and proceeded to redeploy its forces.

Why Putin intervened

Presumably, Putin's intervention in the coordination between the Ministry of Defence and PMC Wagner is associated with the significant role that the private military company plays in the special military operation.

PMC Wagner actions in Bakhmut gave an opportunity to the Defence Ministry to buy time during heavy fighting and retreat in the Kharkiv region and beyond the Dnipro River last year.

Putin respects PMC Wagner. In a conversation with Children's Ombudsperson Maria Lvova-Belova on February 16, Putin said that all volunteers participating in the special military operation defend Russia's interests, just like regular army servicemen, and their families must be protected by the state.

The main directions for the Ukrainian counteroffensive do not promise any success for the Ukrainian troops. Zelensky is aware of that that is why he postponed the offensive indefinitely. Yet, the Ukrainian forces still continue putting on pressure on the Russians by shelling Russian border territories.

Kyiv is trying to save the face of its regime, while Russia is rearming troops and saving reserves.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov