Ukraine strikes part of Russia's strategic nuclear deterrent forces

Ukraine strikes Russian nuclear triad in Engels: Dangerous consequences to follow

The attack on Russian strategic nuclear deterrent forces in the city of Engels showed that the Kyiv regime was up for most radical measures.

The airbase of strategic missile carriers capable of carrying nuclear weapons was attacked on December 5 in Engels, the Saratov Region. Later it was reported that a fuel truck caught fire at an airfield near Ryazan, an explosion occurred. Three people were killed, six others were injured, the Russian Emergencies Ministry said.

The authorities of the Saratov and Ryazan regions did not comment on the situation. There were no emergencies at civilian facilities in the city of Saratov, regional Governor Roman Busargin announced.

In August and November, UAVs attacked military airfields in Crimea. The Russian authorities recognised it as acts of terrorism committed by Ukraine.

In the morning of December 5, an unknown aircraft crashed on the runway of the military airfield in Engels. Two aircraft were damaged and two people were hurt in the attack. They were hospitalised, Rossiya-1 TV channel said.

Political scientist Pavel Danilin wrote in his Telegram channel that it would take a heavy quadcopter to carry out an act of sabotage in Engels. To carry out an act of sabotage in Ryazan — "a light one with 2 grenades is enough."

The West can see the level of protection of Russian nuclear forces

The damage was not critical, but the West can now see the level of security at Russian military airfields. The West may thus assume that Russian nuclear forces are poorly protected.

This may lead them to believe that there can be winners in a nuclear war.

Military correspondent Alexander Kots wrote in his Telegram channel that there were no strategic facilities in Russia that could be considered absolutely safe. He rightly believes that Ukraine will strike them "simply based on their capabilities."

A number of publications posted satellite images of the Engels airfield wondering why long-range aircraft were not protected with concrete structures that could completely cover them.

"On December 2, The EurAsian Times published an article that showed satellite images of the airfield. They showed tankers next to long-range bombers. The bombers could be seen standing wing to wing. The distance between them was so close, an accident during refueling could trigger consequences as well," blogger Andrey Medvedev wrote.

Political scientist Sergei Markov wrote in his Telegram channel "Markov's Logic" that the attack on the airfield in Engels came as a common act of sabotage within the framework of military operations." He only has one question — why does the Russian army not conduct active sabotage activities?

Another question comes up as well: How is Russia going to respond? Last time, an attack of this scale on the Crimean Bridge led to the beginning of the destruction of the Ukrainian energy system.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov