Possible use of tactical nukes: 'Pray for Russia to win, otherwise you won't pray at all'

An hour after tactical nuclear strike, Russia will move to take Kyiv

The British press has recently reported that Russia was going to conduct a nuclear test either on the borders with Ukraine or in the Black Sea. According to British reporters, Moscow allegedly intends to show its readiness to use the main and last weapon.

Russia may technically attack the Armed Forces of Ukraine with low-powered tactical ammo, military expert Igor Nikulin said in an article for Tsargrad publication.

Russia may use tactical nuclear weapons against the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the event that the offensive of the Ukrainian troops towards the new Russian regions continues. Such a development could be considered as a reason to use nuclear arms, Nikulin believes.

President Putin has repeatedly said that Russia would be ready for everything to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity (including of new territories).

"Low-powered tactical nuclear weapons do not create either a massive radiation background or a large shock wave. Yet, their radiation will burn out all electronic equipment, whereas the blast wave will sweep away military hardware and manpower. An hour later, the Russian troops would be able to go on the offensive," Nikulin said.

"It is worth noting that due to the constant presence of this topic in the press, people start getting used to it. Neither the Russian nor the Western society fear such a development of events anymore. Everyone is used to it — they no longer fall into a stupor. This is a negative factor because the verbalization of such ideas makes this possibility a reality,” authors of Ukraine is not Russia wrote.

The idea of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine was considered to be:

  • wild in the late 1980s — early 1990s;
  • marginal in the middle and in the late 1990s;
  • assumable during the 2000s;
  • already quite possible during the 2010s.

It is possible to take advantage over the Armed Forces of Ukraine without such radical measures. According to popular military correspondent Kotenok, it was possible to start threatening Kyiv and hanging over Kharkiv by taking Chernihiv.

"This is important, because Sumy is Ukrainian, and Chernihiv is a Russian-speaking city. When we were leaving Chernihiv this winter, people were on their knees crying: "Why are you leaving?" Chernihiv can be taken by forming one army corps.”

"The president still has a lot of tools to influence the situation without resorting to tactical nuclear weapons. With prompt and clear command, Russia is still stronger and can defeat Ukraine without the use of weapons of mass destruction. Russia only needs to do three things for the purpose: to knock out, without ceremony, infrastructure, thermal power plants and bridges across the Dnieper River. There is no need to rush to use nuclear weapons when other instruments of pressure are plentiful," the military correspondent explained.

The final decision on the use of tactical nuclear weapons has not been made. At the same time, the phrase Pray for Russia to win, otherwise you won't pray at all has become a catchphrase in the Kremlin, Doctor of Economics, Professor Nikita Krichevsky said.

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Author`s name Alexander Shtorm
Editor Dmitry Sudakov