Umar Kremlev's tail spin

There is always room for miracles in life. Even on the dullest day

For example, on Sunday, June 26, an accident happened in Serpukhov town near Moscow. A luxury foreign car was driving in the town, gravely exceeding the speed limit. And suddenly - bam! - at the crossroads, moving off a secondary road onto the main one, it crashed into a passing car.

But in life there is always a place for a miracle. Especially if we are talking about a foreign car owned by the President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Umar Kremlev himself.

Hocus pocus! And now, as the media report, the one to blame for the accident is the victim. As they say, it doesn’t matter at all that this was a foreign car from Umar Kremlev’s personal collection that crashed into a car passing along the road. 

By the way, Umar Kremlev is not the first one to perform this kind of miracles on bends. Earlier, the media wrote about a young guy Umar Ali Lutfulloev who lived in the same town of Serpukhov. He lived restlessly and he glorified his name not with sports achievements, but with completely different types of exploits, so to say.

It was reported that back in 2004 Umar Ali Lutfulloev was put on trial for extortion as part of a group of persons acting by prior agreement. Long story short, he was doing basic racketeering. 

Real boys got together and threatened local businessmen that they were waiting for cash in exchange for being “covered” by the gang. Maybe they even tried to scare the entrepreneurs with an iron, just for fun. Though the victim turned out to be way too nervous and filed a complaint to the police.

Somewhy the policemen did not appreciate the humor and detained Umar Ali Lutfulloev along with his accomplices. In 2004, The Court of Serpukhov rated the actions of young Umar Ali Lutfulloev to the act provided for by Part 2 of Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Extortion”). He was given four years probation, but there was also a five-year suspension of the sentence. In other words, if Lutfulloev behaves well for 5 years, he wouldn’t get in prison.

Lutfulloev, however, did not even wait for the expiration of the period, and in 2006 he was the object of an investigation once again, yet this time for beatings. This kind of crime amounts to Part 2 of article 116 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Beatings or other violent acts that caused physical pain...”).

Then another miracle happened. Although it was still far from the expiration of the probationary period, the Magistrate's Court of the Serpukhov District of the Moscow Region, did not take into consideration that Lutfulloev was a recidivist. On May 15, 2007, Umar Ali Lutfulloev got only one year probation. His first conviction was not removed from criminal record, but the court opted to turn a blind eye on that.

And, lo and behold, Umar Ali Lutfulloev disappears. But a sports functionary Umar Kremlev has appeared. From 2017 to 2020, Umar Kremlev worked as the Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation. And in December 2020, he won the election and became president of the entire International Boxing Association (AIBA).

And when dirty rumors about the past of Umar Kremlev reached the International Boxing Association, another miracle happened, since Umar Kremlev provided an official certificate of the absence of a criminal record at the request of the AIBA disciplinary commission. And it is true! After all, Umar Kremlev is a decent and honest person; he has never had problems with the law. Other way around, Umar Kremlev is very concerned about state interests and takes care of the gambling and bookmaker betting market in every possible way.

For that, he has actually created a monopoly and channeled financial flows through his NGO Mobilnaya Carta, which performs all the necessary functionality for the Unified Center for Recording Rate Transfers. He was worried about the fact that billions of rubles go centrally into one pocket!

And two convictions for gangster articles of the Russian Criminal Code apply to a recidivist from Serpukhov Umar Ali Lutfulloev, with whom Umar Kremlev has nothing to do!

So, maybe it was Umar Ali Lutfulloev who caused the accident in Serpukhov? It seems that Umar Ali Lutfulloev is no stranger to breaking the law. Considering his criminal biography, the Criminal Code has been waiting for him for a long time. And, frankly, compared to racketeering and assaults, an ordinary traffic accident is just nothing for such an experienced criminal.

Racketeering and beatings are serious articles. Causing a traffic accident is apparently not. Moreover, the victim is surely the one to blame. Why is he driving on the roads that belong to such respected people?

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin