Mysterious Gas Stirs More Rumors

The Russian government is still silent about the gas that helped to release hostages, but killed 119 of them 

Five hundred and one former hostages of the Nord Ost musical left Moscow hospitals by Wednesday night.  One hundred and fifty-two people are still being treated at hospitals. Doctors say that the majority of them are alright.

Moscow Prosecutor Mikhail  Avdyukov said that all results of the terrorist act probe  would “definitely be reported both to the authorities and to the society.” “We are not intended to hide anything,” the Prosecutor of Moscow said.

Nevertheless, the state of things with the  so-called sleeping gas that was used  during the siege is not clear yet. For the time being, there are more than ten versions to explain the death of so many hostages. However, the authorities do not want to answer such a ticklish question. Yury Shevchenko, the Russian Healthcare Minister, was the first statesman, who  broke the pledge of silence. The minister said that the special group used the gas blend on the base of fentanile. This anesthetic substance is referred to medicines, it cannot cause a lethal outcome.

The minister also said that the chemicals that are covered by the international convention for the prohibition of the chemical weapon are not used during the special operation. According to the minister, a large number of lethal outcomes was connected with the fact that the chemicals were used towards the people, who suffered from the strong lack of oxygen, water, food and movement.

Ytro news site performed its own investigation and came to conclusion that the statement from the minister was rather vague in its wording (some gas on the base of fentanile). According to Ytro, it is not ruled out that the mysterious gas contained karfentanile. This substance is 40 times as efficient in comparison with fentanile, it is one of the strongest analgesics.

The symptoms of the former hostages were similar to what karfentanile poisoning causes. It should be mentioned here that it would be very good to use that chemical: it is impossible to detect it in a urine analysis. Some specialists categorize karfentanile as mass destruction weapon.

There is one question left: who deceives who? Do special services cheat  doctors, or do both special services and doctors play tricks on all other people? Needless to mention that no one expects the government to come out with the real name of the gas and its formula. There is no need in that, really, taking into consideration the fact that those weird chemistry words do not mean anything to the vast majority of people. There is just one thing needed: to look people straight in the eyes and say that there was no other way out of the hostage crisis.

However, the authorities are being quiet. Everything has been handed over to mass media.  Media outlets do not have any concrete information,  so they start developing rumors and myths. The silence of the government confuses the society, which might eventually lead to negative consequences for the authorities, in spite of the successful hostage-releasing operation. People forget good things easily, but remember bad things. It is human nature.

Dmitry Chirkin

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka