Soporific Used At The Theatre Storm in Moscow

It’s likely that special forces that stormed the theatre building where Chechen terrorists held  hostages used some soporific to neutralize the terrorists, NEWSru.COM comments upon the video shot on the attack scene and demonstrated on the Russian ORT television.

The video demonstrated the terrorists, camouflaged men and women of Caucasian appearance strapped with explosives. Judging by the poses of their bodies, the terrorists were killed asleep.

Straps with explosives were taken off the terrorist women; to strengthen the effect of the explosive devices, they had been supplied with bearing balls.

However, the operative headquarters give no comments concerning usage of soporific during the storm of the theatre.

When rescuers of the Russian Ministry for Internal Affairs entered the theatre hall in half an hour after the storm, they saw dozens of unconscious people in the stalls, the dress circle and everywhere in the hall.

Commander of the operative rescue service from the Russian Ministry for Internal Affairs Anatoly Belousov says: “The people are shocked because of the stress and overfatigue, their faces are white.”

It is also reported that all hostages were evacuated from the building at about 9:00 a.m. All people have been sent to Moscow hospitals for rehabilitation. According to Anatoly Belousov, there are no demolitions inside and around the theatre center.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Michael Simpson