Ulyanovsk Authorities Called their Citizens to Watchfulness

First deputy governor of Ulyanovsk Region Mikhail Shkanov said the barbaric action of the gunmen in Moscow alarmed all people of Russia. “Ulyanovsk Region citizens were revolted with the fact of hostage-taking,” – Shkanov said. He persuaded Ulyanovsk citizens the situation in the region is stable, though he called them every minute and every hour to be watchful.”

After reports about the events in Moscow arrived, sittings of emergency committees and anti-terrorist commissions took place in all districts of the region, police patrols were reinforced in public places. According to Mikhail Shkanov, Internal Affairs Office and Federal Security Service are ready for action, other services are mobilized.

Valery Lukin, Ulyanovsk Internal Affairs Office head, said the whole staff worked in intensive regime of service, with 12-hour working day. Guarding of essential objects, plants of dangerous and harmful industries was intensified. The transport check-up will be intensified as well. According to Lukin, the operation “Whirlwind-Anti-terror” was introduced. All the police cars were brought out to the streets.

Sergei Nikolaev

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova