Ukrainian Neo-Fascist Organization Supports Chechen Hostage-Takers

Ukrainian radical organization asked Chechen terrorists to release Ukrainian hostages

Ukrainian radical nationalist  organization (known for its initials as UNA-UNSO) reminded Chechen  terrorists that Ukraine always supported the struggle for  Chechnya's independence. The organization asked the Chechen terrorists to release the hostages of the Ukrainian nationality. This was said by the chairman of the regional division of UNA-UNSO in the city of Lvov, Ostap Kozak.

Ostap Kozak particularly said: “According to the information that we have, there are about twenty Ukrainian nationals amid the hostages of the music theatre in Moscow. Taking this fact into our consideration, the UNA-UNSO administration reminds the Chechen rebels that Ukraine has always sympathized  with their struggle for the liberation of Chechnya. We often  rendered the direct humanitarian and informational support to their struggle.”

According to Kozak, keeping the Ukrainian hostages in Moscow is not logic. He said that this would not assist in the friendly relations between Ukraine and Chechnya. “We acknowledge the truth of Chechens’ requirements. They have endured those claims for years,” said the Ukrainian neo-fascist.

UNA-UNSO is ready to  send its mission  to conduct negotiations pertaining to the release of the Ukrainian hostages.  We asked our correspondent in Ukraine, Andrey Lubensky to comment on the situation.

“Indeed, UNA-UNSO always said that  it was on the side of the Chechen rebels. The organization did not only say, but also prove that. Tens of its gunmen took part in the military actions against the federal forces of Russia. It was rumored that wounded Chechen guerrillas  were treated on the territory of Ukraine. Jahar Dudayev’s wife (the former president of the Chechen republic) visited Ukraine  after his death. The late UNA-UNSO ideologist Anatoly Lupinos visited Chechnya and then educated the members of his organization on the “fair struggle  of the Chechen people against the Empire.”

“UNA-UNSO position  has not changed much lately. They perceive Chechen terrorists as fighters for the freedom of Chechnya. That is why their recent statement is not surprising at all.  It is conspicuous for its cynicism,   but there is nothing unusual or new about it, really,” our correspondent Andrey Lubensky said. 

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka