Why Does Putin Keep Silence?

The Russian government has released no official statement in connection with the hostage-taking act of terrorism

It is interesting, but neither President Putin, nor any other political leaders of the country released any official statements concerning the tragic events in Moscow. At night, the Russian people could see President Putin on television, while Putin was conducting a session with the senior officials of the Russian government.

The president was being very nervous. There was a feeling that a case of his expensive pen was bothering the president, limiting the space on his table. That is probably why, Putin was touching and  moving it all the time.

Russian deputy Viktor Alksnis, whose interview was published on the Agency of Political News website, said that the government of the country was at a loss. According to Alksnis, the leadership was unwilling to claim the responsibility for any decisions. Putin is now following the logic that Mikhail Gorbachev used to have: “Neither war, nor peace, let the situation settle itself.”

“The helplessness of the government is comparable to terrorists’ stupidity. It is rather stupid to take hostages of a theatre audience.  There are too many people and the building is rather large. It is not going to be easy for terrorists to control that. Time is working against them in this situation. If some of the hostages die of heart attacks or hunger, the society will be growing more and more negative against the terrorists. As a result, the moral and political effect of this action will become totally opposite to what the terrorists originally planned,” said Alksnis.

This will not save the powers-that-be from the people’s anger. The society has realized that the government, which has been releasing high-flown statements about the struggle with terrorism in global scale, is actually useless. The army of those governmental defenders  turned into the army of looters and blackmailers.

Dmitry Chirkin

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka