Moscow Gangsters Were Involved in Governor’s Assassination

Moscow police are drawn to believe that  the roots of the assassination come from the Magadan region

The funeral for the Magadan regional governor, Valentin Tsvetkov, will take place in the Temple of Christ the Savior today. Law-enforcement bodies are toughening security for the temple. Police and military units have been placed near the temple and on adjacent territories. No parking is allowed  near the temple. Spokespeople for the Federation Council, for the State Duma, and for the government are expected to come to the burial service.

The governor of the Magadan region, Valentin Tsvetkov, was killed in the center of Moscow on October 18. The investigation of the governor’s assassination is currently being conducted in the city of Magadan. The police are also searching for the killers in Moscow. This was reported by the Russian Home Minister Boris Gryzlov.

Vladimir Butkeyev, a deputy of the State Duma from the Magadan region,  told PRAVDA.Ru  on the day of the assassination that Moscow criminal groups were most likely involved in the assassination. Butkeyev also said the following in his interview to Nezavisimaya Gazeta: “I believe that the investigators will eventually come to the federal center. Valentin Tsvetkov had nothing to worry about in Magadan. He was an authoritarian leader, and he controlled all financial, administrative, and even information resources there. In addition , he regulated and set business rules in the Magadan region, being a part of it as well. I think there are Moscow criminal groups involved in the case. Money is basically concentrated in Moscow. Tsvetkov had everything under his own control in the Magadan region.”

Nevertheless, Russian Home Minister  Boris Gryzlov stated that the  situation in the Magadan region was rather criminal. According to Gryzlov, Tsvetkov's assassination  is “just a case when we are obliged to clear the Magadan region of criminal elements.”

The NTV television network reported that a group of Moscow officials invesigating  governor Valentin Tsvetkov’s assassination has already arrived in Magadan. The group includes representatives of  the local criminal investigation department and people from the department for the struggle with organized and economic crime.

The head of the Magadan region Internal Affairs Department, Yury Gorlov, stated today that the group of investigators will work on their main theory. They believe that the crime has its roots in the Magadan region. Gorlov said that he knows all the people that showed resistance to the governor. However, he has not specified anything on the subject.

Sergey Yugov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Margarita Kicherova