Tearing Jerusalem apart, sowing seeds of war between Jews and Arabs with USA's help

Torturing Jerusalem with USA's help: No peace, but eternal war for Jews and Arabs

The Israeli authorities announced a decision to close the border with the Gaza Strip for security reasons on 14 December. The decision will affect two border crossings.

"In connection with security incidents and the analysis of the operational situation, the Kerem Shalom commodity border crossing Erez pedestrian border crossing will be closed."

It is worthy of note that prior to the decision, the Israeli army shot down two Palestinian missiles that were fired from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated earlier that European Union leaders would  follow Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State.

A half an hour after Donald Trump announced his decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, a crowd of Turks gathered at the building of the US Embassy in Turkey's capital Ankara expressing their protest against the decision of the US president. Jerusalem is a home city to most revered shrines of three religions, including Islam, and the question of the territorial affiliation of Jerusalem has always involved a religious aspect.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan then warned that he could terminate diplomatic relations with Israel.

Meanwhile, the congress of the leaders of Muslim countries demanded the whole world should recognise the independence of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem. The summit was organised by Turkey and aroused skepticism on the part of other powers, who see cooperation with the United States as their priority.

According to the final communiqué of the congress, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) considers East Jerusalem, which is referred to as Al-Quds in the document, is the "occupied capital" of the independent State of Palestine. The leaders of Muslim countries reaffirmed their commitment to the principle of two independent states and called upon all countries of the world to recognise the independence of Palestine. To this end, they are ready to take "any legal and political measures," including a relevant inquiry to the UN Security Council.

Representatives of 48 states, most of which are members of the OIC, took part in the OIC conference along with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and the president of the partially recognised Northern Cyprus, Mustafa Akıncı.

The leader of the Palestinian Autonomy, Mahmoud Abbas, called on all countries of the world to abjure their recognition of Israel as an independent state and recognise Palestine within its 1967 borders instead. "We urge all countries to withdraw their recognition of Israel because of its behaviour towards the Palestinians and disregard for the decisions of the world community with the  support from the United States," Abbas said. The final communique did not include this proposal, though. "Trump has gifted Jerusalem to Zionists, as if it were an American city. However, for the first time in history, the whole world stood up against Washington was opposed by the whole world, even Britain, Canada and Australia,"Abbas said.

Presently, Palestine is a partially recognised state: 136 UN member states (about 70% of the General Assembly) recognise its independence. Western Europe and North America, including  three out of five members of the UN Security Council: the UK, France, and the USA, do not recognise the State of Palestine as an independent country. As many as 161 member countries of the UN (except for most Muslim countries, as well as the DPRK) recognise Israel's independence (the UN includes 193 states in total).


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov