Europe falls under the heel of Islamists speedily


In the middle of November, German Police made arrests of supporters of terrorist organizations Islamic State, Ahrar al-Sham and Junud al-Sham. According to the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine", 9 people were arrested, about 240 police officers were engaged in the operation in the North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Bavaria, dozens of houses and over 40 supposed members of the network's jihadists were searched. Lead researcher at the Center for German Studies of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences told Pravda.Ru what jihadists wanted in Germany and what threats they posed to this country.

"The threat is standard. It is the possibility of terrorist attacks, but Germany is considered by many jihadists as a safe haven. The country that is very friendly to migrants, the more so as it is very easy for many jihadists to vanish among refugees from Syria, whom Germany is now taking in tens of thousands, and immigrants from the Islamic world since German law enforcement authorities do not have sufficient tools to identify jihadists by ideological markers. Though, of course, the work is being carried out in this regard. Therefore, the latest arrests are the belated measures because supporters of radical Islam live in Germany for a long time," Kamkin said.

In the interview with Pravda.Ru the expert recalled a ten-years-old case when a radical Islamic preacher calling himself the Cologne Caliph appeared in Cologne and calling for a Sharia state in Germany. In the end, he was given an opportunity to run back to Turkey. Though there was every indication of a crime.

Pravda.Ru asked Aleksandr if protests against Salaphites and country's Islamisation would grow. Thousands of protesters assemble every week in Dresden and Cologne. According to the German media, they are hooligans and right-wing radicals. Others say they are widely supported by population.

Aleksandr Kamkin pointed out that there are many people discontent with the growing Islamisation and the number of radical Islamists in Germany, but unfortunately Germany's public and political opinion equates patriotism and rise in nationalism.

"If a German takes to the street with a slogan that he wants to live in his own country and remain German, he will immediately be called a neo-Nazi. Those taking to the streets are not supporters of some radical views, but people who are just wary of the fact that their district will be dominated by migrants prone to completely different behavioral standards. But they also differ. There are migrants from Eastern Europe, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Kazakhstan. And there are migrants from Vietnam and South-Eastern Asia who pose no problem both to police and local population. There is a particular group of ethnic migrants that triggers negative response by their abrupt behavior, these are killing of animals during Ramadan, attitude to a family, women, children, local population. That's why such protests will expand, and cynical attempts of German media to call all protesters neo-Nazis, enemies of all progressive mankind will sooner or later fade away, it is impossible to deceive people indefinitely," the expert noted.

By the end of the interview to Pravda.Ru the expert was asked if a clash of cultures was brewing in Europe?

"It has already been happening. And lots of blood was shed if we recall the Balkan war. This is also a strong spiritual crisis of European civilizations when Europeans have almost nothing to offer, there is no alternative in terms of spirituality and ideology. But so far we can talk about an ethnic war, like in Yugoslavia, hypothetically. Though times change, unfortunately, as well as trends," Aleksandr Kamkin summarized.

President of the Institute of the Middle East, Evgeniy Satanovskiy told Pravda.Ru what jihadists wanted in Germany and what threats they posed to this country.

"In Germany there are thousands of jihadists, according to German Police hundreds of them are prone to organizing terrorist attacks. This is a very high threat level. And German Islamic communities, as a matter of fact, like Islamic communities around all Western Europe, are literally occupied by jihadists, and under complete inaction of the politically correct western political elite they have already trained the second or third generation of radical Islamists, a considerable part of whom now went to fight in Syria or Iraq or joined different divisions of al-Qaeda," Satanovskiy pointed out.

That said, the expert said that unfortunately the reality was that returning Islamists would inevitably seize power in Muslim enclaves, and then spread their influence to population centers. 

"And many communities where the Turks live are simply beyond the control of local police. They even had to address a request to Turkish Security Services to go there and try to impose order using methods adopted in Turkey. Now there is a simple question - either Europe becomes a part of the radical Islamic world or it survives," Satanovskiy flatly stated.

The Pravda.Ru correspondent asked the expert if protests against Salaphites and coutry's Islamisation would grow. Thousands of protesters assemble every week in Dresden and Cologne. According to the German media, they are hooligans and right-wing radicals. Others say they are widely supported by population.

"These are undoubtedly hooligans and right-wing radicals who are brave enough to challenge Islamists. Honourable professors and damsels from libraries do not protest in the streets, it is usually fans of soccer and beer festivals. The widest support of population they get is based on the fact that theoretical equality of rights is wonderful, but there is nothing wonderful about being pushed into the radical Middle Ages," the expert pointed out.

At the end of the interview, the Pravda.Ru correspondent asked Satanovskiy if a clash of cultures was brewing in Europe?

"No, it is not brewing, it has already been happening for a long time. The process that has gone extremely far and is moving solely in one direction. In France there are about 750 Sharia zones that the authorities ask tourists not to go in and that the French try not to enter, about five million Muslims live there. They live on their own, beyond the French laws. There are frequent kidnappings of girls there, who later become sex slaves. Such zones are in Belgium, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Authorities cannot do anything about it, based on the fact that having encountered radicalism of such type democracy can win only morally and posthumously," Satanovskiy summarized.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov