New and young Ukraine lives to hate and kill

Nowadays, democratic values in Europe can be found nowhere, except for ancient manuscripts. The post-Soviet countries that seek European lifestyle and well-being try hard to learn the art of democracy. However, the process leads to mostly mess, rather than stability. Political analyst Sergei Mikheyev shared his views with Pravda.Ru on the process of the establishment of "young democracies." 

"The Lithuanians wrote a report about me to Brussels, and the whole of the European Union got very scared of some political scientist Mikheyev - they denied me entry to all EU countries. Of course, I am very pleased to know that all of Europe was scared of me, but this is nonsense! This turns their democracy, which they boast of a lot, into totalitarian ideology. Democracy is a procedure that guarantees, among other things, freedom of speech. What they have at its finest today is an ideology and propaganda of their political interests.

"This is a matter of complete destruction of all moral norms. This is due to the de-Christianization of Europe, including in the countries that aspire to the European Union. In the West, it is generally believed that the end justifies the means. Moral and ethical standards no longer exist. There is no political expediency.

"This is what they scream and shout in Ukraine - "Ukraine above all." Above everything else - above conscience, above truth, above facts, above common sense, above humanity. That is, it is enough to say - "Ukraine above all" and then you can kill, rape, steal, lie and all that jazz.

"Unfortunately, many new and half-baked Europeans, such as the Baltic states, unconditionally follow this motto, without understanding that it goes beyond the scope of political game. This means that you simply voluntarily renounce morality and ethics. After all, political interests are volatile. The question of attitude to killings of defenseless people is a question of conscience and humanity. If your politics justifies crime, then you are no longer a human being. This is no different, for example, than terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, who simply kill people just because they are different. 

"In Ukraine, their current propaganda targets dehumanization. Shooting and bombing civilians is considered heroic, because they do not glorify Bandera. Ukrainian politicians explain that those women, children and elderly people deserved to be killed, because they do not support Ukrainian values of present times. 

"In Ukraine, a humanitarian disaster is in full swing. The current informational, political and business elite of Ukraine is staging a horrific experiment on their own people. They believe that any facts can be twisted just to reach the desired goal. I think eventually it will lead to the collapse of Ukrainianship as an idea, as we can now eyewitness its complete failure. 

"We can now see that the Ukrainianship, the Ukrainian statehood as an idea can exist only on absolute lies and distortion of facts. Moreover, it exists on lies, backed by blood.

"This is, of course, a way to nowhere. They could not think of anything better than their harmonious lies. They do not create anything. Their ideology is a war of all against all. They are waging a war against some enemies who do not give poor Ukrainians an opportunity to live normally. A person, who is not ready to see their own flaws and defects, but blames others instead, walks like a blind man in broad daylight. The mentally mutilated people will not be able to build anything. They will live to hate, and hatred can only destroy and kill. Unfortunately, when I argue with Ukrainian experts, whom one can still argue with, who still hear something, I can hear them say: "Ukraine is a young country. So one can lie to build it." One shall assume that one can kill for that too."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov