USA needs flames of war near Russian borders


The conflict in Ukraine is beneficial to both Democrats and Republicans, historian and journalist Andrei Fursov believes.

"On November 4, the United States will hold elections to the Congress and the Senate, as well as gubernatorial elections. Does the Obama administration need a "small victorious war" in Ukraine, to somehow improve the rating? Do the Republics need it too?

"The United States does need a long, protracted conflict in eastern Ukraine. Given the fact that during the last months, before the so-called truce, the situation was not developing in favor of the Kiev junta, such a victorious war would be advantageous to the United States. Although I think they understand in the United States that the junta can not win the war in the south-east of Ukraine. But at the same time, the Americans need a long conflict, a funnel of the conflict on our border - this is what they work for."

"Do the Republicans benefit from that too?"

"One should not juxtapose the Republicans and the Democrats when it comes to foreign policy. Both the Republican and the Democratic party express the interests of the US, the Anglo-American establishment, albeit differently. This is a matter of different clans and clusters of interests of the American ruling class. There is no fundamental difference in how the Democrats and the Republicans approach foreign politics, despite all the rhetoric."

"Can it be possible that Poroshenko, in connection with the coming elections in the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, may receive an order to resume the offensive? The war party has won the elections in Ukraine.

"It can be possible. It does not really matter, whether Poroshenko may receive an order or not. It is much more important that all people in this Ukrainian-Nazi administration are puppets. In fact, this is a colonial administration. If the Americans find that they need Poroshenko to resume the war, then it will happen."

"Do the militia forces want the war too? Judging by their recent statements of intentions to take Mariupol and Slavyansk, is this so?"

"Sir Arnold Toynbee (British historian and sociologist - ed.) said once that Russia's expansion was defensive in nature. This is exactly what the militia forces in the south-east of Ukraine do. They try to push the borders from the zone that they are taking. This is a defensive war, a war against the aggressor."

"Does Russia intend to protect the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk by announcing the intention to recognize the elections?"

"In fact, yes. Generally, they exist under our protection. If it wasn't for our protection, there would be no elections at all. They would have been crushed, destroyed and burnt, as they did to those people in Odessa. The Russian administration makes the right decision recognizing these elections. Russia has formally recognized the elections of Ukrainian Nazis in Kiev too."

The situation in Ukraine has shown that citizens of the US and the EU see Russia through a prism of stereotypes, which the authorities of these countries broadcast through their media. Today in the West, they block any information explaining the position of the Russian side. They also block the presence of Russian journalists in their countries.

Thus, the Polish authorities said, without any explanation, that they would withdraw residence permit from MIA Russia Today freelance reporter in Warsaw Leonid Sviridov. According to the Izvestia newspaper, Operation Mockingbird conducted by the CIA to put pressure on US and foreign media, had its continuation.

Doctor of Law, Chairman of the Bar Sazonov and Partners, Vsevolod Sazonov, told the Izvestia that the actions of the Polish authorities contradicted to both international law and the laws of Poland on foreign citizens.

"An individual can be expelled from a country if he or she threatens the integrity of the national territory, sovereignty, etc. When a notice of expulsion is issued to prevent professional activities, such a move must be explained. Since there was no clear justification presented, it violates not only the domestic law of Poland, but also the rights and freedoms of the European Convention," said Sazonov.

Foreign media are clearly biased in their coverage of the Ukrainian crisis. There is no either European or American publication or news agency that would take account of Russia's position on the crisis.

Middle East bureau chief for RT, Paula Slier, after the meeting of the OSCE on freedom of speech in the media under the conditions of the crisis in Ukraine, stated that foreign colleagues automatically perceive all the content produced by Russian media as propaganda simply because they are not ready to accept an alternative viewpoint.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov