Ukraine's pro-Russian east stands firm, throwing eggs at officials


Pro-Russian actions in eastern regions of Ukraine continue. In Lugansk, the activists that seized the building of the Security Service, are waiting for the moment when the police start to storm the building. In Donetsk, where separatists hold a regional administration, authorities hope to reach a consensus with the protesters on Thursday. In Kharkov, protesters left the building of the regional administration; restoration works were started in the building to put everything in order.

Acting President Alexander Turchinov promised not to prosecute protesters in the south-east of Ukraine, if they lay down their weapons and leave administrative buildings.

The people, protesting against the sitting government of Ukraine, seized the building of the Security Bureau of Ukraine in Lugansk on April 6th.  They knocked doors out, smashed windows and hoisted the flag of the Russian Federation. The activists declared their requirements: federalization, amnesty for fighters of Berkut special unit, as well as amnesty for arrested pro-Russian activists.

The Ukrainian authorities hope that the situation  in Donetskwill be resolved on Thursday. First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema said the day before that on April 10 the activists should leave the building of the regional administration. "There is a hope that in Donetsk there will be no bloodshed, nor will there be  law enforcement forces used to liberate the building," he said.

The official said that spokespeople for security forces have conducted a series of meetings with representatives of the protesters. According to him, the pro-Russian activists want to hold a local referendum.

Meanwhile, in Kharkov, local authorities started restoration works in the building of the regional state administration that had been freed the days before. On Kharkov's Freedom Square, workers began to install constructions for the Kharkov International Marathon, which was scheduled for April 12.

In yet another breakaway Ukrainian city of Odessa, pro-Russian activists have strengthened their camp on the Kulikovo field with sandbags.

The situation in the south-east of Ukraine will be discussed at the talks between Ukraine, EU, Russia and the U.S. to resolve the political crisis in the country.

Noteworthy, Lugansk protesters booed and assaulted Mikhail Dobkin, a representative of the Party of Regions, who arrived in town to speak to voters. Reportedly, Dobkin wanted to enter the captured building of the Security Service to convince the pro-Russian activists to surrender peacefully, but the latter did not want to talk. Shouting "F****t! and "A*****e!" the people threw condoms, eggs, empty bottles and garbage at the official and drove him out of the barricades.

On Monday, U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, in a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov proposed to hold talks soon with the participation of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the U.S. and the EU to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. On Tuesday, the Russian minister said that Moscow was ready to consider a multilateral format of negotiations. A source at the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the meeting was scheduled for the end of next week.

Regarding the fate of the protesters in the east of Ukraine, Ukrainian officials stated that they would be amnestied, if they agreed to solve the situation peacefully.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov