Syria condemns cowardly capitulation

Syria condemns cowardly capitulation of the leader of the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas

Libya Resistance

Syrian TV has denounced the head of the political bureau of the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas party, Khaled Meshaal, calling him a traitor and an ingrate and of having "sold out" the resistance to come to power. In his informative evening TV statement, the Syrian official said: "Meshaal has given up resistance against Israel and the USA. Still, Syria does not regret helping him because we never expected anything in compensation for its national and patriotic obligations to a vagabond fighter ... Syria is satisfied with the progress of the one that has given them the strength to come to power.

In its news report, Syrian TV said: "Meshaal has given up resistance under pressure from Israel and the United States. In any case, Syria does not regret helping him, because we never expected favors in return for having fulfilled our obligations towards a national and patriotic exiled fighter who has provided all the necessary support to carry out the struggle."

Meshaal at the annual congress of the Party of Justice and Development has supported the Turks in the Syrian counterrevolution.

Our agency has seen the deep decay of the various fractions of Al Mukawama in the so-called Palestinian resistance from the bourgeoisie of Fatah to the Hamas Islamic right, including the formerly strong and courageous Marxist PFLP fighters. The Palestinian people must generate a new wave of strong leaders, honest and incorruptible in the style of Yasser Arafat, George Habash, Abu Ali Mustafa and others. The current ones that occupy dominant positions are a jumble of renegades and corrupt in the hands of Qatar.

How can you accept the continuation of the blockade on Gaza from Egyptian territory when your brothers have come to power? How do you participate in destroying tunnels for freedom and collective life, as you were calling them? These questions will be asked by the TV official from Syria to Mechaal, questioning him about whether the American promises to appoint him president are behind this change of position.

Translated from the Spanish version by:

Lisa Karpova

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey