Israel killed its own citizens in Bulgaria to attack Iran?

Death may overtake an Israeli citizen anywhere in the world. This was probably the message that terrorists sent to the world when they blew up a bus with Israeli tourists on Wednesday at the airport in the Bulgarian resort of Burgas. It is no accident the attack was carried out in Bulgaria. Moreover, the attack coincided with the anniversary of the bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The policy that Israel and the U.S. run in the Middle East makes Israelis hostages of the policy. The West started and fueled the war, and the situation threatens to spiral out of control.

The tragedy happened on Wednesday afternoon at Sarafovo Airport of Burgas. The explosion ripped through the bus with 40 Israeli tourists on board. The tourists arrived in Bulgaria by plane from Tel Aviv. Seven people were killed in the blast, 32 were injured. At least four of the wounded are in critical condition. The latest version of the Bulgarian government is the following: it was a suicide bomber who committed the attack. Prior to that, it was assumed that the bomb was planted in the luggage. The attacker has been identified. Reportedly, it is a U.S. citizen who entered Bulgaria with forged documents.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of the bombing. "Everything points to Iran," said the head of the Israeli government, referring to the attacks against Israeli tourists that took place during the past three months in India, Georgia, Thailand, Kenya and Cyprus. "This is an Iranian terrorist attack that spreads around the world. Israel will react strongly to the Iranian terror," said Netanyahu.

One may analyze his statement from two different points of view. The first one is a political move of Israel to find a reason for conducting a direct strike on Iran. The most extreme version says that Israel sacrificed its citizens for this very reason. The second position is the following. It is difficult to believe that it is a political move. In other words, the Mossad made a mistake in identifying the author. Then a natural question arises: why Bulgaria, and how would Israel respond?

The first position is less real, though, just because Israel's patron - the United States - is not interested in initiating a military conflict for the time being. There is no extra money to help, the country is in a crisis and the problem of Iraq and Afghanistan still remains. The oil crisis, which in 2007 was intended to save the dollar, is no help now.

The second version can be discussed. One can not find the traces of Iranian intelligence services here ,of course, but one should realize that they are no less powerful than the Mossad. Moreover, according to Bulgarian radio station "Darik Radio", Israeli secret services had warned their Bulgarian counterparts of the possible terrorist attack in the region of Burgas. In particular, Bulgaria received a  request to toughen security at airports and around them. Therefore, Netanyahu means what he says. Why Bulgaria? First, the attack was conducted where it was not expected at all, just like in Argentina, where a bomb exploded in an Israeli NGO 18 years ago.

Secondly, they struck the Balkans, where the West made a "black hole" in the form of Kosovo and where Islamic extremists feel very much at ease.  This is an important factor, given that any bomber always needs a "safety net". In addition, Washington has been trying to become a "sponsor" of Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries since 1989. The US needs to ensure their re-orientation towards the West and avoid the revival of Russia's influence.  There are several Russian-Bulgarian facilities in the Balkan country: two air bases, a training center  and a logistics center that allows Washington to be a step away from the Middle East. In addition, in 2004, Bulgaria joined NATO, and established the State Agency for National Security four years later.

Other suspects in the Burgas bombing are the Palestinian Hezbollah and the notorious al-Qaeda. The first is a radical Shiite group, funded by Iran and coordinated by Quds - a division of the Revolutionary Guards). However, a Hezbollah representative immediately denied the accusations of the movement's involvement in the bombing. According to him, Israel's assumptions are ridiculous. Hezbollah is not at war with tourists. There is no doubt that other Palestinian movements will not claim responsibility for the bombing, at the time when they approached the recognition of their independence at the UN.

As for al Qaeda, this Sunni-Wahhabi organization, created by the Americans, does not exist for a long time already. However, fanatics and extremists - both organized and loners - still serve under the flag of the terrorist group. Their participation in the Bulgarian terrorist attack is highly likely indeed.

However, whether Shiite or Sunni extremists, they will not stop their Jihad against Israel and the West. It is no accident the attack was carried out in Europe on the eve of the London Olympics. This is a natural result of more than half a century of policies pursued by the U.S. in the Middle East under the influence of the Jewish lobby and constructed by the principle of "divide and conquer." This principle has already led to the "Arab spring" and the Islamization of Africa and Europe. Israel is like a cornered animal, after President Obama publicly proposed to revise the outcome of the Six-Day War and discuss the return of the country in the borders of 1967. When driven into a corner, animals can commits insane acts.

Lyuba Lulko


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov