US uses pretext of fighting terrorism in Africa

U.S. seeks its own objectives in Africa under the pretext of fighting terrorism

The professor of the house of higher learning, American University in Washington DC, James Mittelman, in an interview on Monday on news channel Russia Today, emphasized that the United States under the pretext of combating terrorism, is pursuing its own interests in Africa.

The American professor said the military presence of the American country on this continent is to continue the policies of the Cold War, begun decades ago by the world powers at the time and the prime mover is the sale of weapons.

The U.S. is the largest arms exporter in the world, and is responsible for 30% of global export, according to the analyst. Other countries such as Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and China are five other countries in this industry, after the U.S.

Mittelman said there are other reasons for their presence, such as oil and a struggle against the influence of China on the African continent in general.  The country's policy is to achieve its objectives under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

The activities of the U.S. military in Africa can be described as using unmanned aircraft and the training of terrorists in African countries.

U.S. strategists also believe that oil from that region is part of the U.S. national security strategy to preserve its status as a world power.

Translated from the Spanish version by:

Lisa Karpova

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey