Russia confirms foreign invasion of Syria

Syria denounces countries in the region supporting terrorist violence

Prensa Latina

Syria denounced before international organizations the countries in the region that are behind the double "terrible terrorist attack in Aleppo that was perpetrated in an unjust campaign against the Syrian people," according to a statement of the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a letter of condemnation to the secretaries general of the UN, the Arab League, the UN Council on Human Rights and the Organization of Islamic Countries, the text of which was published in the press here today.

The message emphasizes that the two deadly suicide attacks with car bombs were directed at the security headquarters in residential areas, one near a children's playground and the other near a food establishment, causing many civilian casualties, as well as among members of law enforcement.

The powerful attacks on the morning of the 10th left a total of 28 dead and 235 wounded, but the fatal figure can rise because 14 of the survivors were in serious condition. Four bags of human remains have not yet been identified.

The Foreign Ministry denounced that "this horrible attack is part of the unjust campaign launched against Syria, which is supported by some countries in the region and instigated by various entities that support terrorist groups and armed gangs who kill innocent civilians, destroy the infrastructure, trains, buses, schools, pipelines and public and private properties."

The Foreign Ministry emphasized that the "crime was committed by parties that are supported by Arab and Western countries in violation of their international obligations and with the determination to undermine the security of Syria and its citizens."

It seems that some countries in the region encourage an international mobilization against Syria under the guise of humanitarian arguments, while they are harboring armed terrorist groups who choose to murder as a means to achieve their destructive goals.

In their note, the Government "demands that those who give refuge, support, funding and arms to these terrorist groups extradite these criminals according to international law and resolutions on the fight against terrorism."

The note also points to the countries and media that provide political and propaganda coverage to these terrorists to stop such practices, according to the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Syria has been receiving demonstrations of support and condemnation of terrorist violence, particularly against the suicide bombings in Aleppo.

Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, confirmed on Friday the presence of British commandos and Qataris on the territory of Syria. It was made public after the Israeli digital website DEBKAfile broadcast such a possibility.

This same source said in December that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were subsidizing a terrorist struggle in Syria with the recruitment of mercenaries coming from Libya, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and even added Chechen and extremist elements of Pashtuns from Afghanistan and Pakistan to these forces.


Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya