What can Syrian opposition give Russia? Nothing

What can Syrian opposition give Russia? Nothing. 45902.jpegThe visit of the delegation of the Syrian National Council headed by Burhan Ghalioun to Moscow ended in a failure for the opposition. In particular, the Associated Press news agency referred to Ghalioun' statement in which he condemned "the actions of the authorities of the Russian Federation, supporting the Assad regime" and pointed to the need for Moscow to abandon this course. According to him, Russia's support of the current Syrian regime "plays a negative role" in Syria.

The visit of Ghalioun to Moscow took place on November 15. News agencies reported that he arrived in Russia at the invitation of the Society of Solidarity and Cooperation among the Peoples of Asia and Africa. 

Vice-President of the Society Kim Koshev talked about the visit of the immigrant from France of Syrian origin Ghalioun in an interview with "Pravda.Ru":

"Yes, indeed, we invited representatives of the Syrian opposition to Moscow. However, this is not because we take a side in this conflict. Russia is a great country and in this case we act as a father who reconciles his fighting children. We invited them in order to clearly hear their position and establish a dialogue between Syrians. We tell the Syrian Opposition: "Your slogans are "Overthrow Bashar Assad!" you say: "Go away, and we shall rule!" And then what? Where is the guarantee that you will not be even tougher than he is?

This is clearly not a constructive position. You should put forward specific requirements of what you want. Create, finally, a full-fledged party, point out Assad's errors. Indeed, at the moment Ghalioun does not represent anyone. They are behind the times and so far have not shown significant ability to compete with the government.

So we tell them: learn to conduct a dialogue! In Syria, meanwhile, there are shootings. We want to remind both parties that the life was given by God, and that nobody has the right to take it from someone. We are telling both sides: you cannot shoot! Both sides are killing. A case in point is that it is not only the opposition members who are affected, but policemen are wounded as well.

The nature of the actions of those who shoot at the Syrian military says that they are trained. I want the Syrian intelligence agencies to really work. So far they believe that this problem can be solved by the army. "

However, the hope that the Syrian opposition will show a constructive approach was in vain. During the talks with the Syrian opposition the Russian side represented by the Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged the Syrian opposition to begin a dialogue with the authorities in Syria.

The following response was received from the opposition: "The opposition does not intend to pursue any negotiations with the regime in Damascus. Russia should appeal to Assad with an offer to resign ... The only possible negotiations would be about establishing of a new, democratic, civil society in Syria. This should be preceded by the release of prisoners detained on charges of involvement in anti-government rallies, the dissolution of the police, army and security services and presence in Syria of "blue helmets" of the UN. International guarantees are necessary for international monitoring to determine the situation in the country. "

In other words, the Syrian opposition insists on external intervention. In addition, it does not rule out the intervention of the military, adding that Bashar Assad unwilling to resign would be to blame for it.

However, Russia has rejected these outrageous claims. As for the resignation of Assad, Sergei Lavrov reminded that even the countries of the Arab League that recently suspended the membership of the Arab Republic in the organization do not act in a manner consolidated with this similar requirement.

According to him, the Syrian opposition is interested in the peaceful settlement of the situation in Syria. But who then proceeds to kill Syrian military from around the corner? Take, for example, a recent attack on the buildings of the Air Force Intelligence in the suburb of the Syrian capital. One gets the impression that Ghalioun really does not control the radicals, or is fooling Russia regarding the peaceful aspirations of the opposition.

However, Ghalioun acknowledges that the visit of the members of the SNA to the Russian capital reaffirms the commitment to looking at Russia's role as key in achieving balance and stability in the Middle East. The Syrian opposition will continue discussions with the Russian partners to find a way out from the current situation in Syria.

Meanwhile, the Syrian opposition calls on Russia not to persist in supporting the Assad regime, pointing out that in the case of its coming to power all Russia's interests in Syria will be respected. 

Among other things this means that the only foreign-based point of Russian navy in Tartous will remain untouched. But can we trust the Syrian opposition funded by the French, Americans and Saudis who to varying degrees conduct subversive activities against the Russian interests?

Is this the reason why they are trying to overthrow the only remaining conductor of the Russian influence in the Arab world Bashar al-Assad? It is possible that someone from the opposition   does have amicable attitude towards Russia. However, it must be remembered that the Syrian opposition is extremely loose. Ghalioun's guarantees are not worth much since the main force of anti-Assad movement are not the liberal intellectuals fed by  the West but Wahhabi and Salafi groups funded by Qatari intelligence.

Sergei Balmasov


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov