Hague: Key Albanian war crimes witnesses murdered

Hague: Key Albanian war crimes witnesses murdered. 45580.jpegBELGRADE - Fourteen witnesses in the trial of Ramush Haradinaj, Ljah Brahimaj and Idriz Balaj by the Hague tribunal were liquidated before they were called to testify, the data that occurred prosecution for war crimes during investigations.

According to the Prosecution that Beta had access to, the murder of witnesses in Kosovo and Metohija, even those in the protection of the Hague tribunal, started in 1999/2000. ICTY spokesperson Nerma said today that are absolutely false allegations published in some media outlets in Serbia that the Tribunal's witnesses were killed "during the trial of Haradinaj and Limaj".

"Not one person from the list of witnesses, or where the International Court granted protective measures in these two cases was killed," she said. According to the prosecution of war crimes, however, in the period since 2001 until 2007 were killed: Ilir Seljimaj, Smailji Hajdaraj, Bekim Mustafa, Avni Eljezaj, Tahir Zemaj, Sabah Toljaj, Isuf Hakljaj, Sadik Musaj, Ismet Musaj, Sinan Musaj Dželjadin Musaj Murici Sadik, Veselj Murici and Kujtim Berisha, of which Sadik and Bliss and Murici were protected witnesses.

In the village near Pec Pobrđe, 14 April 2003, in an ambush Ilir Seljimaj was shot and killed, and the wife of his brother Ferid Seljimaj was also liquidated.

In another ambush staged at the crossroads in the village, near Pec Vitomirica, 17 February 2002, Smailji Hajdaraj, a former member of the FARK, a close associate of Tahir Zemaj and Rugova, was shot and killed.

Bekim Mustafa and Avni Eljezaj were killed during 2002, by firearms, while in ambush, near Drury in Pec, and on 4 January 2003 Tahir was killed with his son Enis and brother Hasan Zemaj.

It is believed that these murders were the result of Ramush Haradinaj ordering to prevent them from testifying against him at the ICTY, and were carried out under the orders of Zemaj Haradinaj, as stated in the document made Agim Elshani, Avni Elshani, Ćerim Elshani, Adem Elshani Ahmet Elshani, Sali Ljajic and Florim Ejupi.


Member of the KPS police Toljaj Sabah, along with another witness, also a member of the KPS police Isuf Hakljajem, were killed in an ambush, shot on 24th November 2003 after which their vehicle was set on fire. Both during the war were members of the FARK under the command of Tahir Zemaj and UNMIK police in 2004. It has been reported that the suspect in the murder is Bedri Krasniqi.

In the first part of February 2005 Sadiq Musaj was killed, and his brother Dželjadin Musaj was also killed in an ambush (along with a grandson) at the gas station in the village Molika Pec, this on 14th June 2005. Dželjadin Musaj was in the witness protection program.

In Pec, 2002, shots killed the protected witnesses Veselj and Murici Sadik, while in a car accident 17th February 2007 Kujtim Berisha was killed in Podgorica. In addition to these, 14 potential witnesses were killed.


Murici together with Sadik Musaj and Tahir Zemaj and Ilir Seljimajem testified at the trial of a group of KLA members in the international court in Pristina in the case against Ramush Ahmetaj, Idriz Balaj, Ahmet Eljšanija, Bekim Zekaj and Daut Haradinaj.

Five suspects were sentenced to prison terms from three to 15 years for killing four members of the armed forces of the so-called Republic of Kosovo - of which the FARK commander was Tahir Zemaj. The trial began 2001 and was completed December 2002. The defendants were officers of the KLA operational zone of Dukagjini, under the command of Ramush Haradinaj.

In the second interview June 2007. The investigative journalist reporting on the Institute for War and Peace based in London, Ramiz Murici said that "the five men who were convicted and are now in prison in Kosovo, carried out systematic revenge."

"All the witnesses in the case of Dukagjini were the result of orders to liquidate. We were just me and my cousin Veselj Murici who along with the other five members of the FARK was kidnapped and managed to escape from the crime scene. Because his testimony in court was a crucial factor, he later moved from Kosovo, "he said then that since Murici testimony was included in the witness protection program.

Documentation prosecution witnesses and that the liquidation of the first potential witness from among the former KLA occurred 23rd June 1999, when he disappeared in Decani Suad Qorraj, chief operator of satellite links for the KLA during the Kosovo war. His charred body was found first August the same year in the woods near Decani, a corpse was found next to the message "Killed by Serbs".

Liquidation of other potential witnesses from the ranks of the former Kosovo Liberation Army and FARK continued in fall 2000, when in central Pristina Xhevat Mako, Ibrahim Rugova's head of security, was killed. That same year, four bombs were dropped on Rugova's family home.

In the document, the War Crimes Prosecution alleges that several associates of Rugova and Tahir Zemaj (FARC) were liquidated before the arrival of KFOR and UNMIK in Kosovo and Metohija. That is one of the founders Dr. Rugova's LDK party Fabri Hamiti seriously wounded in an assassination attempt in October 1998 in Prishtina, Dardania neighborhood, and after twenty days died from injuries in the Pristina hospital.

Comment: In the light of this document, how can the Hague Tribunal claim that Not one person was killed? Has The Hague Tribunal an ounce of credibility?


Source: TANJUG

Translation by Dragan Bilic



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey