Serbia and the EU - Dancing with the Devil

Serbia and the EU - Dancing with the Devil. 45409.jpegAfter the recent events in Kosovo, and after the EU's stand on cavorting with Albanian terrorist elements and insulting the Serbs in what is after all an integral part of the Republic of Serbia, as the EU works with the USA to sideline Serbia as a major player in the Balkans, what use is the European Union to the Serbs?

 If the European Union, the United Nations Organization and NATO - the mainstay of the so-called international community (and I do not use the term World Community on purpose) - are not trying to insult Serbia and the psyche of the Serbian people to the core, it certainly seems like it. In recent days we have seen US Apache helicopters flying over Northern Kosovo to intimidate the Serbian population (after all, we have seen what they can do against unarmed civilians in Libya), we have seen Albanian terrorist attacks against Serbian civilians and we have seen an alleged case, reported in the Serbian press, of German KFOR members turning away a very sick elderly Serbian man in an ambulance so that he could not get to hospital. So what gives?

True, we now discover that Kosovo has gold and that a British mining company has interests there. Well, surprise, surprise, since it did not have oil, now the story starts to fit into the geopolitical jigsaw puzzle these days where interests and resources coveted by the greedy few set imperialistic and colonialist approaches into full swing, yet again. It seems that little changes, if anything. We have the British and French drawing lines on maps in Libya and holding conferences to steal its resources as the international community looks the other way and what do we have in Kosovo?

After the September 15 agreement expired for KFOR's force to remain in place in northern Kosovo, already by September 16 it was apparent that the Albanian elements were planning to take over the Serbian checkpoints, in effect cutting this Serbian province off from the rest of the country. In case anyone has forgotten, Kosovo is Serbia.

KFOR it seems was part of this demonic plan, for KFOR elements closed the crossing at Jarinje on September 14 and set up signposts "Stop or you will be shot". Next we discover that Croatian members of KFOR and EULEX are transporting Albanians to northern Kosovo checkpoints. (What are the Croatians doing there? Surely their very presence is a provocation after the way they started behaving in the Balkans Wars and their attitude since, complete with an identity crisis as they deny their Slavic roots and try to change vocabulary almost daily, claiming they are Germanic. Try Chinese, it would be closer to the truth).

As regards the ambulance mentioned above, it was reported by the local KIM radio and quoted in the press that the German KFOR troops did not allow an ambulance from KBC Kosovska Mitrovica to cross the Jarinje checkpoint from the Serbian province of Kosovo. The patient inside was "seriously ill," according to the reports.

The violence then escalated - at 02.38 local time on September 17, Albanian terrorists opened fire on Serbian civilians at a checkpoint while the KFOR and EULEX elements looked on doing nothing. The terrorists were firing from the nearby village of Cupra but NATO's forces, as usual, looked the other way. After all, in Libya, we have seen how NATO cavorts with terrorists for its own dirty deeds to be done by proxy.

And after all this, Serbia is to join the EU? It becomes crystal clear that the patience of the Serbian people must be elastic. With a leadership like they have, who needs enemies? Or could it be that the Serbian youth has no mettle and is more interested in beer than preventing their nation from being humiliated in this way? Surely there is a political alternative for them to follow?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey