Russian actor Sergey Bodrov’s crew is still missing in the area of disastrous glacier slide

Pursuant to the latest information, Sergey Bodrov’s filming crew in the area of the devastating avalanche in Russia’s south has not been found yet. The crew reportedly made up 24 people.

Russian popular actor Sergey Bodrov  arrived in the settlement of Nizhny Karmadon on Friday. His crew was going to shoot a movie that was directed by reported, the people of the crew left for the zone of the disaster 20 minutes before the immense chunk of glacier went down. The whole settlement found itself under tens of meters of snow, ice and mud soon after that.

Seven people from Sergey Bodrov’s crew did not go to the shooting site. They are currently in their hotel. Two more people of the crew were on the shooting site at the moment of the disaster, but they managed to survive. Sergey Safonov got out of the disastrous zone himself and went to ask for rescuers’ help.

Rescuers are still seeking for other people. They are seven people from a horse group, 18 people of technical personnel and 24 people of the filming group itself.

According to eyewitnesses, Sergey Bodrov’s crew was last seen in a vehicle at one of the intersections, several minutes before the glacier roared down. Sergey Bodrov’s  father still hopes to find his son. He arrived to the republic of North Osetia, where the incident occurred, and went to have a meeting with the prime minister of the republic.

There were several pieces of information reported during the weekend, saying that Sergey Bodrov allegedly transmitted several radio messages, saying he was alright. However, the Russian EMERCOM never confirmed any of those messages. Rescuers say that there are very few chances to find Bodrov’s crew.

Sergey Bodrov is a very popular young actor in Russia. He is best known in the country for his action movies Brother, and the sequel to it, Brother 2 (Brat and Brat 2). He went to North Osetia to film another war movie there. Sergey Bodrov’s wife gave birth to a baby son in the beginning of August – a month before he left for the Caucasus.

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Author`s name Olga Savka